Endometriosis in China: Documentary-focused Educational Website-building

This project aims to create and exhibit (in the space of a website) a collection of infographics and episodic documentaries that explain the science of endometriosis and address the situation of endometriosis in China from a patient-centered perspective. The primary focus is the making of the documentary series which will target endometriosis patients at The Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital of Fudan University (Red House Hospital). This project serves two major purposes: 1) spread awareness of endometriosis and related female experiences among the Chinese audience; 2) record and archive the stories of Chinese endometriosis patients so as to provide referential materials for the field of research in medical anthropology and patient-centered care.

Student Team Members

Joy Xiao, Class of 2023, Bioscience
Leiyuan Tian, Class of 2023, Media and Art
Jingcheng Wu, Class of 2023, Data Science
Mingyu Zhou, Class of 2023, Media and Art

Faculty Team Members

Kaley Clements, Assistant Professor of Documentary and Digital Media Arts at Duke Kunshan University