DKU Health Humanities Laboratory Request for Proposals: Health Humanities Projects

Health Humanities Lab Information Session

On July 8th at 10am (China Time) the Health Humanities Lab will host an information session via Zoom to give an overview of health humanities, the types of projects students and faculty might consider proposing, and guidance on the proposal development process.

Date and Time: July 8, 2020 at 10am (China Time)

Zoom Meeting Link:

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The Health Humanities Laboratory seeks to support DKU’s mission to provide project opportunities for its highly diverse community to evaluate contemporary global issues by fostering a space for studying the interdisciplinary areas of Health Humanities. Especially in our era of rapid globalization and interdependence, the sociocultural aspects of daily life create an important context for how we view and manage health among people and societies. A clear example: The recent COVID-19 outbreak has raised many questions that cannot be addressed with science alone. To these ends, the Health Humanities Laboratory invites students and faculty of DKU to submit project proposals to address an important health question that incorporates a humanities perspective. Proposals may examine this humanities-oriented question using methodologies from different disciplines.

Potential topics for proposals should concern aspects of individual or population health. Students who would like to submit proposals are required to find at least one DKU faculty member to mentor the project or the research. Having more than one faculty member from different disciplines is encouraged but not required. Faculty who submit a proposal must incorporate at least one student role as part of the project team and teams featuring multiple student roles are encouraged. Proposals related to the COVID-19 outbreak are welcome, but project proposals covering other topics within the health humanities are also encouraged.

Funding Amount

Max funding per project is 10,000 RMB. The project budget should adequately fit the scope of work being proposed and be well justified. The proposal review committee may request a budget revision or additional justification if deemed necessary.


All DKU students and faculty are eligible to apply for funding. Student applicants are required to identify at least one DKU faculty member, from whom they have received an approval for supervision. Faculty must propose at least one student role as part of the project team.

Proposal Format

Proposal should be 2 pages in length at maximum with single-spaced 12-point Arial font. Proposal should include “Title”, “Participants”, “Summary”, “Background”, “Approach” and “Budget” sections.

Title: should be concise and should give an overall idea about the scholarly work.

Participants: list all participants (students and faculty) and their roles. Faculty proposals must identify a student role, but need not identify particular students who will fill that role. The HHL will help faculty of accepted proposals find interested students to staff their projects.

Summary: functions as an abstract for the proposal. It should go over your scholarly work from a broader perspective without going into much detail.

Background: is a section for you to give prior research on the issue directly related to your work. Here you ought to provide your motivations for conducting research or designing a project in your area of interest and include necessary information to understand the fundamentals of the issue. Here, please indicate why and how the issue you wish to work on is significant to Health Humanities.

Approach: should specifically describe how you intend to work on the issue explained in Background. You should include your procedure and methods here with explicit attention to interdisciplinarity where appropriate.

Budget: please specify the cost of your project or research and identify the components.


Submission will be through e-mail. Please send your proposals to Chi ZHANG ( and copy all affiliated individuals (students and faculty members). Proposals submitted by July 20, 2020 will receive priority review. Proposal submitted after this date will be considered pending availability of funds.

Criteria for Selection

Projects will be selected for support based on whether they meet the criteria introduced in this RFP, feasibility, clear fit within Health Humanities, and fit within the context of the set of projects the HHL supports.