Celebrating Women’s History Month: Stubborn Silences: Writing the History of Chinese Women

The following event is a part of Women’s History Month sponsored by the Humanities Research Center and the Arts and Humanities Division.

The Gender Studies Initiative is pleased to announce a guest lecture by Professor Gail Hershatter on Tuesday Mach 20 at 11:30am.

Stubborn Silences: Writing the History of Chinese Women

Date/Time: Tuesday, March 28, 11.30am
IB Lecture Hall
Guest Speaker: 
Professor Gail Hershatter

Abstract: Scholars of women and gender in China have often liked to make the claim that adding a serious consideration of women to our understanding of Chinese history would not be like adding a spice, as in add women and stir, but rather that it would alter the field fundamentally. Have we delivered, collectively, on that claim? And what do we most want our students to learn that could help them to think about the world of the past and the world they inhabit.

Biography: Gail Hershatter is Research Professor and Distinguished Professor Emer. of History at the University of California, Santa Cruz, and a former President of the Association for Asian Studies.  Her books include The Workers of Tianjin (1986, Chinese translation 2016), Personal Voices: China Women in the 1980s (1988, with Emily Honig), Dangerous Pleasures: Prostitution in Twentieth-Century Shanghai (1997, Chinese translation 2003), Women in Chinas Long Twentieth Century (2004), The Gender of Memory: Rural Women and Chinas Collective Past (2011; Chinese translation 2017) and Women and Chinas Revolutions (2019).