Superdeep Nighthawks: “My Octopus Teacher” (Ehrlich & Reed 2020) | Thu Sept 28, 8pm

IB 1008 (IB Auditorium)

Superdeep remain the Nighthawks when attending to My Octopus Teacher (Pippa Ehrlich & James Reed 2020) …& food & drink. Thu, Sept 28, 8pm, IB 1008 (Auditorium).

The screening is Superdeep‘s first collaboration with the DKU Sustainability Club. Club members will join us to introduce the club and their current activities.


Superdeep Nighthawks meet on Thu eve (8pm till late). Session 1 theme: the Mind.

For more info or proposals for the Nighthawks follow this link, for Superdeep generally this one.

Superdeep is sponsored by DKU’s Humanities Research Center.

Superdeep Nighthawks: “Ghost in the Shell” (Oshii 1995) | Thu Sept 7, 8:42pm

IB 1008 (IB Auditorium)

Superdeep Nighthawks are starting the new academic year by summoning Mamoru Oshii’s 1995 Ghost in the Shell (& food & drink). Thu, Sept 7, 8:42 pm, IB 1008 Auditorium.


HRC Superdeep Nighthawks meet on Thu eve (8pm till late). Session 1 theme: the Mind.

For more info or proposals for the Nighthawks follow this link, for Superdeep generally this link.

HRC co-sponsors Three Dialogues in Italy and the Vatican

Last month the Humanities Research Center co-sponsored and participated in three cross-cultural dialogues in Italy. The first, at the Pari Center, brought academics from China, Europe and the USA together for a five days of intensive dialogue on East-West philosophy in relation to sustainability. Discussion sessions in the morning and afternoon were complemented by relaxed lunches and dinners at the local restaurant in the village of Pari, about 30km south of Siena.

The events in Pari were followed by two dialogues in Rome. The first took place at La Sapienza University in Rome, where the topic of east-west philosophical dialogue continued in the presence of faculty and graduate students in the Italian Institute for Oriental Studies.

The series of events culminated in a high-level two-day meeting at the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences (PASS) inside the Vatican City, chaired by Cardinal Peter Turkson. This event was both cross-cultural and interdisciplinary, featuring economists from PASS and other institutions in dialogue with philosophers and other experts in Chinese culture. This Dialogue Between Civilizations on Global Commons invited academics to consider the underlying philosophical and ethical issues in the United Nations’ seventeen Sustainable Development Goals. DKU professor Xiang Zairong spoke on the topic of gender equality, and HRC co-director James Miller spoke on the topic of climate change.

As a result of the HRC’s co-sponsorship of these events, DKU was able to bring two students, Tianyu Zhang (DKU ‘24) and Siyu Wang (DKU ‘25) to participate in the events.

Ms. Wang said, “The conference in the Vatican City offered me a unique perspective on how critical issues such as the sustainable development goals set by the UN are discussed and addressed by a diverse range of stakeholders, each with their own backgrounds and employing various approaches.”

It was an invaluable experience for the students and the professors to join in the various dialogues and also to participate in a closed, high level event at the Vatican. The dialogues revealed profound philosophical differences regarding the underlying values embedded in the SDGs, and their interpretation within different civilizational frameworks. There was an intensive discussion on how key Chinese cultural concepts such as 仁 (ren; benevolence, humanity), 福 (fu; good fortune), 富 (fu; wealth) and 繁荣 (fanrong; flourishing) should play a role in articulating the SDGs within a Chinese context and might contribute to a more globalized discussion of the ethical values and worldview underpinning the transition to an ecologically sustainable civilization.  This demonstrated the necessity for further cross-cultural research among the world’s philosophies and religions on the topic of the United Nations’ sustainable development goals.


The Superdeep Workshop

The Workshop is Superdeep‘s work-in-progress research…—you guessed it—…workshop. It’s a forum for DKU’s philosophical community to discuss & refine philosophical ideas & projects (essays, presentations, signature work projects, etc.). Meetings generally feature a presenter’s brief presentation followed by general Q&A. Snacks and refreshments are served.  Everyone (faculty, students, staff, guests…) is welcome to attend; no prior knowledge of philosophy required.
The workshop usually meets Thu ~6pm in IB 2026.

If you are interested in presenting or in otherwise getting involved in the Workshop, follow this link; for other feedback, follow this one; for more info on Superdeep generally this one.

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Superdeep is DKU’s extracurricular philosophical* ecosystem, comprising:

    • the Workshop: a work-in-progress research workshop for DKU’s philosophical community (students, faculty, & guests). Presentation followed by Q&A (& snacks & refreshments). The Workshop meets on Thursdays ~ 6pm in IB 2026. More info here.
    • the Philosophers’ Cave: a quiet space for writing & other Superdeep work (& coffee, tea, & snacks). The Cave opens every Monday 9am till late in IB 2026, to start the week on a Superdeep high note. More info here.
    • the Well: Superdeep‘s joint research & reading group. The Well opens on Tuesday ~5pm in IB 1017. Current theme: Creatures of Habit. More info here.
    • the Nighthawks: a space for late birds to savor Superdeep respite — over weekly movie screenings — after a week of classes. The Nighthawks converge Thursdays ~8pm. More info here.
    • Superdeep Space: an entirely student-curated & -run Superdeep space for activity, creation, happiness. More info here.
    • …& the occasional Party: self-explanatory, for our community, happening roughly once a semester. Like this one.

* If you ask yourself who qualifies as philosophical, you already do 😉

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Superdeep Nighthawks: “Being John Malkovich” (Jonze 1999) | Thu Apr 20, 9pm

IB 1008 (IB Auditorium)

Superdeep Nighthawks Malkovich Malkovich, Malkovich Malkovich Malkovich Spike Jonze‘s 1999 Being John Malkovich (Malkovich & food & drink…Malkovich). Malkovich Malkovich Thu, Apr 20, 9 pm, IB Auditorium. Malkovich.

HRC Superdeep Nighthawks Malkovich Thu eve (9pm till late, Malkovich). Malkovich Malkovich Malkovich HouTu Research Malkovich Unforgotten Dreams. Malkovich Malkovich.

Malkovich Malkovich Malkovich.

Suzhou Tanci Event Series

We invite you to the Suzhou Tanci Event Series taking place on April 10 and April 12!

On April 10th, join the launching party for our Zaishengyuan (Destiny of Rebirth) translation website on at 7:30 pm at the Water Pavilion.

On April 12th, come to the Suzhou pingtan performance and workshop with artist Zhu Jiang on starting 7:30 pm at the Water Pavilion.

Zoom room: 970 8923 2450 (107)