The Citizenship Lab Manuscript Workshop: Social Mechanism of Sectarian Violence in Egypt, 1970-2020: Types and Patterns of Armed Aggression and Communal Clash

Speaker: Hyun Jeong Ha, Assistant Professor of Sociology at Duke Kushan University
Date & Time: Monday, August 1, 2022 8:30 PM (BJT)
Meeting ID: 954 4465 6440

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Political violence in Egypt has significantly increased since the 2011 Arab Spring, as have attacks against Christian minorities. Why are they attacked, who harms them, and what are the types and patterns of sectarian violence? In this workshop, Professor Ha will share her recent research paper that will be part of her book manuscript. Please feel free to join us to discuss her work.

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Humanities Research Center Current Research Projects

The Humanities Research Center proudly announces the current research projects being conducted by the HRC labs. We invite you stay in touch with updates on each of these projects by checking the news sections of our website and following our weekly newsletter.


Title: The Neganthropocene and Arts (Case studies in China)
Who: Prof. Jung Choi, Meixuan Wang, Yujia Zhai
Project summary: Inspired by the notion of Neganthropocene by a French Philosopher, Bernard Stiegler, the study explores innovative tactics by Chinese emerging artists that challenge the human-centered logic of understanding the world.

Title: DKU Augmented Reality (AR) Campus
Who: Prof. Xin Tong, Prof. Jung Choi, student researchers Qingyang He, Tony Ren, Weiran Li, and Ruiqi Chen
Project summary: In the research, we are creating an AR mobile app, DKU AR Campus, and investigating how augmented reality technology can support spatial digital co-creation and social interaction. We aim to understand multi-users’ social dynamics and examine their co-creation behaviors in an embodied AR context and derive design implications to shed light on future research. Continue reading “Humanities Research Center Current Research Projects”

The Citizenship Lab Presents: Bicultural approaches to extractivism in the Río de la Plata Basin

This event has passed. You can watch the recording here:

Date & Time: Wednesday, May 25, 2022 @ 9AM China Time
Speaker: Alejandro Meitin
Zoom ID: 933 1519 3947


The Río de la Plata Basin is China’s primary source of soy, and the world’s largest site of soy production. The Basin has become a laboratory to observe the social and ecological consequences of extractive industry, including the spawning of new political and ecological alliances and forms of resistance. Many local artists have focused their work on these urgent issues, asking a series of linked questions: On what territorial imaginaries does monoculture rest? What exercises of political imagination should we perform to move beyond monoculture? How might this lead us to reconceive the relationship between the cultural and the biological?

Speaker Bio:

He is an artist, lawyer, social innovator, and founder of the art collective Ala Plástica (1991-2016) based in the city of La Plata, Argentina. More recently, he founded Casa Río Power to Do Lab, collaborating with youth, farmers, artists, activists, architects, local authorities, and pollution control experts to create international alliances and proposals for wetlands management.

The Citizenship Lab Presents: Planetary Health and the Biopolitics of Home

You are cordially invited to join Miguel Vatter on his talk on “Planetary Health and the Biopolitics of Home.”

Tuesday, March 1,  10am-11:30am BJT
Zoom ID: 969 4153 4843

Speaker Bio: Professor of politics at the Alfred Deakin Institute for Citizenship and Globalization at Deakin University. His areas of research are history of political thought, especially Machiavelli; biopolitics and neoliberalism; political theology. His most recent books are: Divine Democracy. Political Theology After Carl Schmitt (Oxford UP 2020) and Living Law. Jewish Political Theology from Hermann Cohen to Hannah Arendt (Oxford UP 2021)

This event is co-hosted by the Office of Undergraduate Studies, the Cultures and Movements Major, and the HRC Citizenship Lab.