Duke Kunshan Students in Conversation on Interdisciplinary Themes

Recently, the Humanities Research Center organized a series of conversations on the theme of interdisciplinarity and innovation. James Miller, co-director of the Humanities Research Center and Associate Dean of Interdisciplinary Strategy joined with students from the HumanSpace+ research group in conversation with four distinguished practitioners of interdisciplinary research.

Following the conversations, the students in the HumanSpace+ group penned their thoughts about the conversations. Continue reading “Duke Kunshan Students in Conversation on Interdisciplinary Themes”

Third Space Lab to present at NAFSA Conference (2020 NAFSA eConnection)

The co-directors of the Third Space Lab will present on the online launch and subsequent workshops at the international NAFSA conference on May 27th. While the conference was originally planned in person, the organization decided to move online to allow researcher-practitioners and the international education community to connect.

It goes without saying that the events of this year have made our initial research and presentation goals rather difficult to achieve. Rather, most of the research on fields dealing with intercultural studies and international education will likely be exercises in damage control, or rather focused on the issues stemming directly from this crisis such as displacement and international tension.

This poster introduces how the Third Space Lab had to adapt its research agenda, launch, and workshops, to the current crisis. Continue reading “Third Space Lab to present at NAFSA Conference (2020 NAFSA eConnection)”

Report on Exploring Bio-Art and “Pan Bio-Art”

By Momoko Mandere

Class of 2022

On April 17 at 9pm China Time, the AH Division and the Humanities Research Center held a talk on Bio-Art and the concept of “Pan Bio-Art”. The talk, which was held as part of the Media and Arts Speaker series, was graciously given by Beijing-based curator and researcher, Jo Wei. Jo Wei is currently based at the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing. In consideration of the current global situation with COVID-19, the talk was given on the Zoom platform.

Although the interest in Bio-Art has boomed over the past decades, it is still a relatively new field in the art world. As such, Jo Wei began her talk by first walking her audience through a brief history of Bio-Art. Jo Wei explained how bio-art has evolved as the field of genetics evolved, from the initial excitement and fame that genetics-based science brought, to the ethical and political dilemmas raised by projects such as the cloning of Dolly the Sheep.  Through this explanation, she was able to contextualize the growth and importance of Bio-Art in the 21st century. This would lead us to our working definition of Bio-Art, which can be understood as the manipulation, change or creation of life or living organisms. Continue reading “Report on Exploring Bio-Art and “Pan Bio-Art””

Report on the Launch of Third Space Lab

By Junyi Tao

Class of 2023

Third Space Lab (TSL) held its first launch event on April 6th at 9PM CST. Considering the COVID-19 epidemic, this event took the form of an online zoom meeting and was also recorded and posted on the TSL Sakai site. In total, 97 students, faculty, and staff from DKU and Duke, and from various institutions in China and in the US, attended this exciting event.

Third Space Lab is a research lab at Duke Kunshan University (DKU) which aims to, “accompany and understand students’ experiences and learning in intercultural spaces and encounters” by examining the transformation of multilingual identities both at DKU and abroad. Currently, TSL has a series of workshops and research projects led by co-directors Dr. Chiocca, Dr. Naghib, and Dr. Zhang. Currently, the co-directors are in the process of planning more interesting events in the future, such as panel discussions, other webinars, as well as forum discussions. Continue reading “Report on the Launch of Third Space Lab”

Freedom Lab Event Report on “Gandhi, Vegetarianism, and Culinary Cosmopolitanism”

By Ruihan Wan

Class of 2022

On April 13, 2020, The Freedom Lab invited Professor Nico Slate from Carnegie Mellon University to lead a discussion on the topic of “Gandhi, Vegetarianism, and Culinary Cosmopolitanism.” The Freedom Lab co-directors, Professors Jesse Olsavsky and Selina Lai-Henderson hosted the discussion. Humanities Research Center co-director Professor James Miller, Lab Manager Tim Smith, Professor Titas Chakraborty, and around 25 students attended the discussion. Continue reading “Freedom Lab Event Report on “Gandhi, Vegetarianism, and Culinary Cosmopolitanism””

媒体艺术系列讲座 | 算法时代的叙述者




该系列第三场Zoom在线讲座将于5⽉1⽇(周五)晚9点举办,特邀来⾃北京的策展⼈、研究员龙星如主讲。本系列讲座由 Vivian Xu (徐维静) 教授和 Benjamin Bacon 教授主办,并由昆⼭杜克⼤学艺术与⼈⽂学科及⼈⽂研究中⼼提供⽀持. Continue reading “媒体艺术系列讲座 | 算法时代的叙述者”

The Media Art Speaker Series | StoryTeller in Algorithmic Times


Series Introduction

The Media & Arts Speaker series at Duke Kunshan University is a bi-weekly event that invites leading practitioners in media and arts to speak about their work and practice and engage with our DKU community.

The first short series focuses on three artist and/or curators from China who’s work can give students an understanding of the broader scope of media and arts in it’s present-day manifestation within the Chinese context. Continue reading “The Media Art Speaker Series | StoryTeller in Algorithmic Times”

Third Space Lab – Research Assistants – Recruitment

We are looking for 4 undergraduate research assistants to support research projects and events sponsored by the Third Space Lab.

Preference will be given to those who are interested in the following fields: intercultural communication, international education, sociolinguistics (language, culture, and society), conflict resolution, and applied linguistics (focus on language learning), and who are interested in developing a Signature Work out of their work as student-researchers of the lab or out of their own Third-Space story-building and storytelling.

Please refer to the following information about current lab projects. Send your CV or resume to the corresponding principal investigator(s) with a short cover letter with a description of yourself and a short statement of interest explaining: 1) why you want to work on this part of the project, and 2) why you think you are a strong candidate for the position (what your skills and qualifications are, and what personal experiences may prepare you and help you to enrich this research project). You are encouraged to mention the name of a reference who can attest to your skills (no letter of recommendation needed).

Note: Given the current pandemic, the projects described below are subject to change and are based on the geographical location of students.

Please send your application materials via email by April 26th. Continue reading “Third Space Lab – Research Assistants – Recruitment”