Call for Proposals: Humanities Labs at Duke Kunshan University

The Humanities Research Center (HRC) is soliciting proposals from faculty interested in hosting a humanities lab. Each lab will receive funding of up to $20,000 per year, to fund activities relevant to the lab’s theme. The labs will start in January 2020. Each lab will initially be funded for one year, with a possible renewal for a second or third year.

Modelled very loosely on science labs, humanities labs are relatively small-scale and short-term entities that permit faculty to organize activities and research initiatives around a specific theme. The theme may be a contemporary concern that is currently receiving significant attention, or it could be an interdisciplinary topic that touches on a variety of different fields. Each lab will be given an annual budget with which to organize activities and sponsor research initiatives relevant to the lab’s theme. Each lab should involve both students and faculty. Research initiatives that involve cooperative work between students and faculty that can lead towards signature work projects are particularly encouraged.

Each humanities lab will have:

  • Two or three co-directors (though other faculty may also be involved)
  • A theme that will appeal to a significant number of DKU students and faculty
  • A plan to involve both students and faculty.

We will an information session for interested faculty at 12pm on Saturday September 21 during the Humanities Fall Conference on the DKU campus.

Eligibility Requirements

All DKU and Duke faculty and affiliates are eligible to apply, but all labs must have at least one director who is a DKU faculty person. The lab must be based at DKU, and should emphasize disciplines associated with the humanities, interpretive social sciences, and/or the creative arts.

Application Procedure

Submit an application by October 15, 2019 to <>. The application should be no more than three single-spaced pages and include the following elements:

  • Title of the lab
  • Names, titles, and one-paragraph biographies of faculty involved
  • A description of the lab’s theme, scope, and significance
  • A provisional one-year budget
  • A provisional list of the lab’s anticipated output

Applications will be reviewed by the HRC advisory board, and decisions will be communicated by November 1.

For further information, please contact James Miller (DKU) or Carlos Rojas (Duke).