Call for Participation: COVID-19 Memory Archival Project

COVID-19 Memory Archival Project – Live Video Tutorial

Monday May 11, 10 PM EST / Tuesday May 12, 10 AM China Time

The Health Humanities Lab (HHL) at DKU is sponsoring the COVID-19 Memory Archival Project, created by Prof. Benjamin Bacon and Prof. Vivian Xu.

The COVID-19 Memory Archival Project is an initiative from Duke Kunshan University’s Health Humanities Lab to create an archive of the communities individual and shared experiences during the 2019 novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak utilizing ArcGIS StoryMaps, rich media and storytelling. We not only hope to preserve experiences through a memory archive, but also to bring comfort, peace, reflection and healing to participating individuals through personal narration. In times of anxiety and adversity, we retreat to an old human practice – storytelling, combined with online multimedia tools, to bring forth the human experience in times of crisis. Participants are encouraged to utilize an array of mediums including but not limited to video, audio, hyperlinks, interactive interfaces and GISmaps, paired with written text. The collected stories can provide a rich library and digital history that can act as source material for future reflection, research and project outcomes.

The project is supported by Duke Kunshan University Health Humanities Lab, which is part of the Humanities Research Center and Duke University. The project currently is featured on the Max Planck for the History of Science ON CALL platform and the Teach 3.11 Platform.

We are now inviting all DKU students, faculty and staff to participate in the project. All student submissions will be eligible for cash prizes of up to 1000 RMB. Prize recipients will be invited to present their work as a panel at a future event.

Find information about the project, including a video tutorial for getting started, here.

Prize-eligible submissions should be completed by May 22nd. Submission guidelines can be found at the project website and in the tutorial.