XR Workshop #4: Basic VR Interactions

Join HRC Anthropocene XR Lab in our online workshop [Basic VR Interactions], #4 of the XR workshop, seminar, and hackathon series! The keynote speaker Tony Ren, Data Science major from the class of 2023, will introduce the basics of setting up VR devices and designing some of the fundamental VR interactions such as teleporting and grabbing.

Date/Time: Aug 11, 8-9pm BJT
Zoom:  982 6430 7629
Passcode: 889357

About the Anthropocene XR Lab: we focus on projects that explore both living and hypothetical scenarios of human interactions with the environment using XR technologies. We are interested in how, in combination of physical and virtual environment, we can expand our understanding of human beings and nature. For more information, please visit https://sites.duke.edu/dkuhumanities/projects/anthropocene-xr-lab/.


人文研究中心旗下的人类世XR实验室将举办XRVR/AR)研讨会及黑客马拉松活动系列的第四场线上工作坊:【基本 VR 交互】。来自 DKU 2023 届数据科学专业的主讲人 Tony Ren 将介绍 VR (虚拟现实)设备的基本设置与使用,以及如何在VR 中实现诸如传送和抓取的简单交互设计

时间:北京时间 811 20:00-21:00
Zoom982 6430 7629
Passcode: 889357

关于人类世 XR 实验室:我们关注使用 XR 技术探索现实及虚构语境下人与环境互动的项目。我们感兴趣的议题在于,如何通过现实与虚拟环境的结合,扩展对人类与自然的现有理解。更多信息,请访问https://sites.duke.edu/dkuhumanities/projects/anthropocene-xr-lab/