Anthropocene XR Lab – Visualizing Cities in XR: Activating the Presence of the Past

You are cordially invited to Anthropocene XR Lab’s Talk Series: Activating the Presence of the Past with Professor Victoria Szabo, Research Professor of Art, Art History & Visual Studies at Duke University.

Date and Time: Dec 2, 10-11 am, BJT
Zoom ID: 959 8351 3551; Passcode: XRLAB
Speaker: Prof. Victoria Szabo

Talk Introduction:

The international Visualizing Cities consortium has taken a multimodal and interactive approach to invoking the presence of the past in exhibitions and lived experience of space and time, on site and on location.  XR, when intersecting with digital humanities approaches to history and culture, offers us promising new ways to tell complex stories, share information, and generate critique. This talk will explore the goals and methods of diverse visualizing cities projects utilizing XR in Venice, Italy; Charlotte, North Carolina; and Providence, Rhode Island, highlighting themes of comprehension, apprehension, agency, and authority, and considering opportunities (and risks) for future development of the field.


Victoria Szabo

Victoria Szabo is Research Professor of Visual and Media Studies at Duke University. Her work explores spatial, immersive, and interactive archives and exhibitions for research and creative expression. At Duke she is the Director of Graduate Studies for the PhD in Computational Media, Arts & Cultures, leads the Information Science + Studies program, and is a member of the Digital Art History & Visual Culture Research Lab. She is also a co-principal in Psychasthenia Studio, an artist’s games collaborative, and Chair of the Arts Advisory Group for ACM SIGGRAPH, the international Association for Computing Machinery’s Special Interest Group on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques.