The Office of Faculty Advancement has assembled a team of volunteer faculty who have been trained by Student Affairs to offer you advice on how to support students in need (the Faculty Student Care Advisors). There are at least two for each division/unit; their names are listed below.


  • Please DO reach out to them if you have questions about how to best support a student
  • Please DON’T refer students directly to them – their job it to advise faculty, not to offer support to students
  • Please DON’T name the student(s) that you have questions about to maintain confidentiality
  • Please DON’T contact them in the evening or at the weekend. If a student’s needs are urgent, please report them to the CARE team. In the case of an emergency please call the campus hotline: 0512 3666 7110
  • Please DO make a note of the advisors who have been assigned to your division or unit.


Faculty Student Care Advisors
Stephanie Anderson A&H
Peter Wergin A&H and LCC
Elisabeth Ursell N&AS and LCC
Amanda Bradford LCC
Eric Eberly SS and LCC
Junyi Li LCC
Quinlan Bowman SS
Luyao Zhang SS and N&AS
Feng Tian N&AS
Sophia Zhou A&H and LCC
Brandon Castrejon LCC
Lin Jiu N&AS
Ivan Mura Graduate Programs
Renee Richer N&AS
Lijing Yan Graduate Programs