Advancing Inclusive Excellence

The Office of Faculty Advancement supports all faculty in their scholarship, teaching, professional development, and personal challenges, so that they can focus on achieving excellence.

That the [Junior Faculty] Seminars bring together not only likeminded researchers but also people from completely different research areas is very refreshing“. –Truls Ostbye PROFESSOR OF FAMILY MEDICINE AND COMMUNITY HEALTH @DUKE UNIVERSITY

“Perhaps my biggest problem is that I haven’t considered myself a writer. As a new faculty member at DKU, I am always looking for professional development opportunities and I was very happy to learn of the faculty writing group. Even though I began with the group outside of China, I have always been able to join them on Zoom and the group has always eagerly welcomed me. With every meeting, I put pen to paper and because of the group, I am now considering myself a writer!” — Christopher Tebbe SENIOR LECTURER OF ENGLISH LANGUAGE @DKU

The faculty writing group is invaluable for carving out time for writing during the hustle and bustle of the week. Sitting and typing quietly together in a room with other faculty feels a bit like an exam, but that is actually really useful for keeping focused and motivated, making it my most productive time of the week. It’s also a great way to keep up with what colleagues are working on, and to make connections (and of course, the coffee and sandwiches help :))“. –Pippa Morgan LECTURER IN POLITICAL SCIENCE @DKU

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