External Funding & Funding Advisory Groups

Finding and applying for external funding at DKU can be challenging, especially for non-Chinese citizens. Xin Li, Associate Dean for Research, has assembled four advisory groups below to provide guidance to faculty who wish to apply for external funding:

  1. SS and A&H;
  2. Natural Sciences
  3. Non-Government Organizations (NGO)
  4. Proposal Translation

The purpose of this retreat is to introduce the first three advisory groups and to talk about how to take advantage of funding opportunities for these disciplines. The sessions are on three consecutive days. You may attend, one, two or all three of the sessions.

Link to Event Schedule

Please register with fx28@duke.edu to get zoom links

*If you want the recording links, please email fx28@duke.edu.

Q&A list

  • NSF & NS
  1. Can undergraduate student be part of a CNSF-funded research team?
  2. How does one resolve the situation where it’s not “possible” to obtain funding for UG students while DKU is not a research university yet? For people who want to have UG in their labs?
  3. How to find the funding opportunity and call for proposals announcement at DKU?
  4. What is the difference between the internal deadline and external deadline?
  5. Is there any internal collaborations with Social Science or Arts &Humanities division?
  6. Few suggestions from Prof. Li Xin to junior faculty.
  • MOE,SS,A&H 
  1. For humanities folks, they don’t have access to graduate students, how important is that graduate students in the teams and does undergraduate student counts?
  2. Can the teams for general program be made up of members from different universities?
  3. Confusions on PI vs. Co-PI on getting funding
  4. Where can we find the programs listed in NSFC from last year?
  5. Is there a general feeling that non-Chinese citizens will be better off looking for overseas funding?
  6. How much weight does publication in Chinese carry in applying for Chinese government funding?
  7. Funding resources outside of China?
  8. How important it is for a PI or team members to be an associate professor?
  9. Do we have international projects from international grants with collaborators in other countries? How does that work in terms of receiving the money into China?


Export Control


2020 Social Science Mini-Retreat


  1. Kaley

    I see and understand these questions, but is there a place that we can get the answers? Thank you for putting this all together, it is greatly appreciated.

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