Abstract: DKU has a pre-tenure sabbatical policy and is in the process of developing a post tenure sabbatical policy. All sabbaticals are a precious opportunity and if you’re contemplating a pre-tenure sabbatical, you’ll only be able to take one. A poorly planned sabbatical that ends up being unfulfilling and unproductive is a waste. However, a well-planned sabbatical can benefit your scholarship and professional development for years. James Miller, Jason Gainous and Marcia France will share their experiences (good and bad) of their past sabbaticals as well as some tips on how to plan an effective sabbatical. This workshop is open to all and will be beneficial to tenured faculty as well as tenure track faculty.


Host: Katherine Robertson, Director of Faculty Advancement



  • Floyd Beckford, Professor of Chemistry
  • Marcia France, Dean of Undergraduate Studies
  • Jason Gainous, Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies
  • James Miller, Professor of Humanities


Recording: https://warpwire.duke.edu/w/OcAGAA/