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Junior Faculty Research Seminar Series —12.09

Jason Todd, Assistant Professor of Political Science


Junior Faculty Research Seminar Series —12.02

Ferdinand Kappes, Associate Professor of Biology


Reappointment and Review Procedures for Tenure Track Faculty — 11.18

Katherine Robertson, Director of Faculty Advancement


Junior Faculty Research Seminar Series —11.18

Jaehee Choi, Lecturer in Public Policy


Reappointment and Review Procedures for Non-Tenure Track Faculty — 11.16

Katherine Robertson, Director of Faculty Advancement


Teaching Liberal Arts — 11.02 & 11.04

Speakers TBA


Time Saving Strategies — 10.28

Speakers TBA


Junior Faculty Research Seminar Series —10.26

Lauren Knowles, Lecturer in English


Women’s Retreat — 10.14

DKU female faculty


Tenured Faculty Retreat — 09.23 & 09.24

DKU tenured faculty


Workshop on Personal Statement Style for American Review Committee — 09.21

Katherine Robertson, Director of Faculty Advancement


Reimbursement Tutorial — 09.02

Finance and IT Offices


New Faculty Reception — 08.18

Water Pavilion


New Faculty Orientation — 08.09-08.15

Organized by Office of Faculty Advancement


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Recognize, Respond, and Refer——Supporting students during the Covid-19 pandemic

Amber Xu, Clinical Counselor at CAPS

Jiahui Gu, Student Care Coordinator

Raphael Moffett, Dean of Office of Student Affairs


September 28th Tuesday, 12-1 pm Beijing time


Abstract: Under Covid-19, not only faculty, but our students are also suffering psychological stress from social distancing and online learning. As their professor, it is crucial to know how to recognize signs of stress and how to assist students to get the proper help. Office of Faculty Affairs invited Dean Raphael Moffett from Office of Student Affairs to talk about main challenges Chinese and international students are facing, following by a presentation given by CAPS on how to recognize students who might need help, respond to their needs, and refer them to available resources.


CAPS_Recognize Respond Refer_Faculty_9.28.2021 FINAL

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Faculty Development Workshop– Promoting Personal Wellness

Kimberly Blackshear, Director of Time Away Office from Duke University presented on “Promoting Personal Wellness—balancing work& life, handling anxiety, and keeping socially connected under Covid-19”


September 9th, 9 am-10 am Beijing time/ September 8th, 9 pm – 10 pm EST


Abstract: Everyone in the world is living under pressure, and lately various stress is being built up under Covid-19. Some DKU faculty are suffering stress from teaching online, balancing work and life, struggling with language barrier while living in a foreign country, and being apart from their loved ones who remain overseas. In this presentation, Kimberly will share with you triggers of anxiety, five dimensions of well-being, and how to promote personal wellness.



Secondary Traumatic Stress Education Guide 03.26.20

Bride Article for STS Scale Scoring


Junior Faculty Research Seminar Series-08

Philip SANTOSO, Assistant Professor of Political Science gave a presentation on the topic of “The Nature and Sources of Voters’ Beliefs about the Left-Right Positions of Political Parties” in September (see flyer below).

Presentation date& time: 9:30-10:30 am Sep 10th (Friday) Beijing Time via Zoom
• 30mins presentation
• 30mins Q&A

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