Month: September 2020

External Funding & Funding Advisory Groups

Finding and applying for external funding at DKU can be challenging, especially for non-Chinese citizens. Xin Li, Associate Dean for Research, has assembled four advisory groups below to provide guidance to faculty who wish to apply for external funding:

  1. SS and A&H;
  2. Natural Sciences
  3. Non-Government Organizations (NGO)
  4. Proposal Translation

The purpose of this retreat is to introduce the first three advisory groups and to talk about how to take advantage of funding opportunities for these disciplines. The sessions are on three consecutive days. You may attend, one, two or all three of the sessions.

Link to Event Schedule

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Export Control

Research activities involving the United States and China are receiving increased scrutiny from US authorities.  United States export control laws have far reaching implications and transnational jurisdiction.  These laws can impact not only researchers working within the United States, but US persons working in other countries and non-US entities that collaborate with the US.

Daniel Vick is the director for Duke University’s Office of Export Controls, where he assists faculty, staff, and students with mitigating risk and forming strategies for compliance with US Export Control laws.

Please join Mr. Vick for a discussion on the scope of US export control laws, possible impacts to faculty teaching or conducting research in China, and strategies to recognize risk and facilitate compliance with these laws.

*All faculty are required to attend the workshop.

Date: Fri. Oct 16

Time: 20-21pm Beijing time/ 8-9am EST

Zoom ID:9457 4759 187

Qualtrics: Participants are welcomed to submit questions in advance through this link .

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