Month: June 2020

Faculty Undergraduate Student Collaborative Research

UG Office offers a Faculty and Undergraduate Student Collaborative Research Program

Please open links for more details

  1. Academic Year Research Projects
  2. Summer Research Program


Faculty Writing Support Group

The Faculty Writing Support Group is a group of volunteer faculty who can offer you help with your scholarly writing (writing for teaching purposes such as syllabi, assignments etc. will not be considered). For example, they can peer-review an article or grant proposal, check grammar for those writing in their second language, proof writing samples1, proof translations2, critique experimental designs or statistical analyses, etc. This service is facilitated by the Office of Faculty Affairs. While you are encouraged to seek help with your writing from your colleagues and friends, you should not request services from members of the Writing Support Group directly.

The Faculty Writing Support Group is experimental. The following procedures may be adjusted after assessment to better suit faculty needs.

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