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Advising First-Year and Returning Students

Published: August 19, 2019

Re: Advising First-Year Students

  1. You have been assigned first-year advisees. You will find them on your advisee roster in your SIS Advisor Center (see SIS guide here).
  2. All students have been notified about their advisor assignments and their location for the Group Advising Meeting on Monday, 8/19. Please send an introduction email to your advisees (see template here) that also includes the location for your group advising session (students may need information from multiple sources). You can find the room assignments for the group advising meeting on this page below after the schedule of events. We will direct students to their rooms after the “Advising and Academic Planning” session which will be at AB Ballroom. The individual advising meetings on Thursday will take place in your office.
    • NOTE: For those of you who are using your office for the group advising session, if you see us listing a wrong room number, please let Tony Shen ( know as soon as possible. Respectfully, please notify us if any of your meeting locations change so we can properly direct students.

    • Room Assignments for Group Advising Meetings

      Advisor Room
      Terry Yang AB 3101
      Jennifer Kuang AB 3103
      Tony Shen AB 3107
      Anastasia Tsigkou AB 1076
      Annemieke van den Dool AB 1078
      Ben Van Overmeire AB 1082
      Bryce Beemer AB 1084
      Chang Y Chung AB 3031
      Changcheng Zheng AB 3109
      Daisy Zhang-Negrerie IB 1010
      Jesse J Olsavsky IB 1011
      Jingbo Cui IB 1012
      Jung Eun Choi IB 1017
      Kai Huang IB 1050
      Kim Hunter Gordon IB 1055
      Kolleen Marie Guy IB 1056
      Kyle Fruh IB 2013
      Lie Philip Santoso IB 2025
      Myungjoong Hwang IB 2026
      Seth Benjamin Henderson IB 2050
      Shixin Xu IB 2069
      William B Parsons IB 3039
      Xiaochen Zhang IB 3068
      Xiaoqian Xu IB 3106
      Yitzhak Lewis IB 1046
      Kaley Clements IB 1047
      Kevin Sprague CC 1095
      Saghar Leslie Naghib IB 2028
      Xin Zhang IB 2071
      Denise Simpson IB 1051
      Donald Snow CC 1069 (Your Office)
      James Miller IB 3058
      Joanna Hare AB 3209 (Your Office)
      Moon Joon Kim AB 2118
      Benjamin Schupmann IB 3007 (Your Office)
      Daniel Stephens IB 2002 (Your Office)
      Emmanuelle Chiocca CC 1076 (Your Office)
      Hong (Helen) Xu AB 3217 (Your Office)
      Kristin Hiller CC 1074 (Your Office)
      Lincoln Rathnam IB 3064 (Your Office)
      Nellie Chu IB 3009 (Your Office)
      Selina Lai-Henderson IB 3112 (Your Office)
      Titas Chakraborty IB 1026 (Your Office)
      Tourgee Simpson AB 3221 (Your Office)
      Zach Fredman IB 3060 (Your Office)
      Andrew Field AB 3215 (Your Office)
      Andrew MacDonald IB 1025 (Your Office)
      Benjamin Anderson IB 3071 (Your Office)
      Daniel Lim IB 2005 (Your Office)
      Ming Li IB 2042 (Your Office)
      Song Gao IB 3065 (Your Office)
      William Winner IB 3119 (Your Office)
  3. Preparation for Group and Individual Meetings. Find suggested topics for group and individual meetings here. You can adjust the topics as needed. You can print off this web page as a reference for what you will cover in the meetings. If you have fewer than three first-year student advisees, please keep the agenda for the group and individual meetings separate to allow time for student reflection and personal development after learning about the topics covered in the group advising meeting and before you meet for the individual meeting.
  4. Placement Exams. Students have the opportunity to take optional placement exams in Math, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Economics. Read more about placement exams here.
  5. Academic Resources for Students. You may review the information here and find a flyer about the ARC here. We are also launching the Academic Success Program (ASP) this fall. See details on the website here and a flyer about the program here.
  6. You can find below the slides for the advising sessions at New Faculty Orientation.
  7. Below is the schedule of all advising-related events during orientation.

Wednesday, 8/21 – AB Ballroom
9:00-10:00 am: What is Liberal Arts? (optional)
10:00-11:00 am: Academic Enhancement and Support (optional)
11:00 am-noon: Registrar/ SIS / Sakai / Email (optional)
1:30-2:30 pm: Curriculum Overview, General Education Requirements, Interdisciplinary Learning and Majors (recommended)
2:30-3:30 pm: Advising and Academic Planning (recommended)
3:30-5:00 pm: Advising Group Breakout Sessions (required) (location will be emailed to you and students.)

Thursday, 8/22
Academic Resource Fair (9:00-11:00 am)
Individual Advising Appointments (All day. Please schedule time with your advisees that avoid conflict with the Academic Resource Fair if your schedule permits.)

Friday, 8/23
9:00 am: Priority registration (4 credits)
9:30 am: Regular registration (16 credits, Session 1 and 2)
10:00-11:30 am: Academic Integrity & Pledge
Make yourself available on this day as students may have questions.

Re: Advising Returning Students (for returning faculty advisors)

Important information for advisors to note regarding returning sophomore advisees:

  1. The Advisor’s Manual is now ONLINE! Here is the website. This is an internal website for you to search for information and should not be shared with any student.
  2. Updated Major List. See pages 3 and 4 of this document.
  3. Updated Additional Requirements for Chinese Students here. For Class of 2023 and later, the military training for Chinese mainland students have been increased from 2 credits to 4 credits; for students from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, they may substitute 4 credits (used to be 2 credits) selected from designated Chinese culture courses in place of the military training. The academic advisement report in SIS has been updated accordingly.
  4. Maximum 18 credits for Semester 1: First-year students are limited to 18 credits in the first semester, maximum of 8 credits in the first session plus a PE course, and the regular maximum of 10 credits in second session.
  5. The DKU degree requirements have been updated over the summer. You can find them on this spreadsheet. Students and advisors can use the What-If Report to simulate scenarios for different majors. Here is a guide to use the What-If Report.
  6. Drop/Add Deadline: The Drop/Add deadline for 7-week courses are by the end of the day of the Thursday of the first week of the session. If a course is meeting in the second 7 weeks, the Drop/App deadline is by the end of the day of the Thursday of the first week of the second 7-week session. The Drop/Add deadline for 14-week courses are by the end of the day of the Thursday of the second week of the semester.
  7. Credit/No Credit (CR/NR) Deadline: The deadline to change the grading basis of any course taken in Spring 2019 is by the end of the first week of Fall 2019 semester. Students can find the CR/NR Application Form on the Registrar’s Office website here. You may find answers to your questions about CR/NR on the FAQ page.
  8. Advisors will need to let students know their availability for advising meetings during the first week of the semester.

If you have any questions about the advising process, feel free to contact us at