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Intranet for DKU Academic Advisors

Welcome to the Intranet for DKU Academic Advisors! You may find information about the following on our website:

Please read the Welcome Message from the Associate Dean for Academic Advising.

Dear Advisors,

You have a wonderful opportunity to make a difference in the lives of students through intentional interaction that promotes wellness, scholarship, and engagement.  Advising is teaching and instrumental to student retention. Your participation in advising is salient to student success and is a signature experience that connects students to the academy.  You are now a member of a network of advisors that includes faculty, administrators, students, and stakeholders that are dedicated and unapologetically excited about helping and teaching students!  Advising is an inclusive learning environment where students have permission to grow, develop, and make choices about their academic and career path. Advisors are empowered to help students foster learning technique and develop personal student success strategy.

This manual is developed to help you navigate your role as an advisor and connect you to resources and policies intended to inform your decision(s) to best to help students.  While useful, I encourage you to use this manuscript as foundational information from which to build your personal advisor toolbox and help you on your journey teach students about both the curricular and co-curricular DKU experience.  Your commitment to students as advisors will greatly shape their global perspective, academic expectations, confidence, self-efficacy, deep discovery of self, and degree requirements. On behalf of the university, I solute you and thank you for putting students center in the learning process.

Tourgeé D. Simpson, Jr., Ph.D.
Associate Dean for Academic Advising
Office of Undergraduate Advising