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Vol. XXIX, Spring 2017

The Duke Journal of Economics is published each year to showcase outstanding research in economics by Duke Graduate and Undergraduate students.

We congratulate the authors of the research presented in this issue.

Charles Becker & Ed Tower, Faculty Advisors to the Journal
Dongkeun Lee, Associate Editor

Undergraduate Articles

Economic Models and Magical Realism: An interdisciplinary approach to development through a concurrent analysis of 1960’s-70’s Latin American Structuralism and One Hundred Years of Solitude by Ibanca Anand

Japan’s “Furusato Nouzei” (Hometown Tax):Which areas get how much, and is it really working? by Kay Hasagawa

Determinants of NFL Spread Pricing: Incorporation of Google Search Data Over the Course of the Gambling Week by Shiv S. Gidumal and Roland D. Muench

The Investment Cost of Currency Crises in Emerging Markets: An Empirical Treatment from 1994-2015 by Eric Ramoutar

Team Payroll Versus Performance in Professional Sports: Is Increased Spending Associated with Greater Success? by Grant Shorin

Determinants of Franchise Value in the National Basketball Association by Matthew Van Liedekerke

Graduate Articles

An Analysis of Upstream and Downstream Interaction, From a View of Principal-Agent Relationship by Boya Xu

Why Master’s Programs in Top Schools Thrive by Lizi Yu

Bride Kidnapping in Kyrgyzstan by Lin Zhao

Romantic Relationship Towards Marriage: An Option Approach by Lin Zhao