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Vol. XXVII, Spring 2015

In the academic year 2014-15 Duke students have published book reviews in the collection of the Asia-Pacific Research and Training network of Trade (ARTNeT) and  United Nations, Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific  (http://artnet.unescap.org/publications.html#fourth). Their reviews have benefited from the wise editing and rapid posting of Dr. Mia Mikic, ARTNeT Coordinator, and her team:

  • Dohun Kim. Prevention and Crisis Management: Lessons for Asia from the 2008 Crisis, by Steven Rosefielde, Masaaki Kuboniwa, and Satoshi Mizobata. World Scientific. 2013.
  • Michelle Laniohan. The Son Also Rises: Surnames and the History of Social Mobility, by Gregory Clark. Princeton University Press. 2014.
  • Clement  Lee. What Have We Learned: Macroeconomic Policy After the Crisis, edited by George A. Akerlof, Oliver J. Blanchard, David Romer, and Joseph E. Stiglitz. MIT Press. 2014.
  • Rita Lo. The Role of Elites in Economic Development, edited by Alice H. Amsden, Alisa  DiCaprio, and James A. Robinson. Oxford University Press. 2012.
  • Saad Usmani and Mahmehr Hamza. GDP: A Brief but Affectionate History, by Diane Coyle. Princeton University Press. 2014.
  • Yifan (Victor) Ye. The Great Rebalancing: Trade, Conflict and the Perilous Road Ahead for the World Economy, by Michael Pettis. Princeton University Press. 2013.
  • May (Zhimeng) Li reviewed Asian Economic Systems, by Steven Rosefielde, World Scientific. 2013, in the Southeast Asian Journal of Economics, December 1014. http://www.econ.chula.ac.th/public/publication/journal/2014/May%20Li.PDF
  • Nikolaus Axmann published a revision of his Duke honors thesis: “What is the Effect of Regulatory Supervision on the Profitability and Outreach of Microfinance Institutions?” in the Southeast Asian Journal of Economics, June 2015. http://www.econ.chula.ac.th/research/ccje/browse?year=2015.

Charles Becker & Ed Tower, Faculty Advisors to the Journal
Dongkeun Lee, Associate Editor

Undergraduate Articles

An Economic Analysis of Marijuana Legalization in Florida by Taliya I. Golzar

Medicare’s Prospective Payment System: Do Differences in the Reimbursement Rate Affect Quantity of Care Delivered and Hospital Billing Practices? by Russell Hollis

Understanding Shifts in Population Health-Seeking Behavior Created by Financial Incentive Reform Initiatives: The Impact of India’s Janani Suraksha Yojana Conditional Cash Transfer Program by Ritika Jain

How Does Being a Serial Creator Affect Probability of Campaign Success on Kickstarter? by Minn Htet Khine

Word-of-Mouth Effects in the Holdings and Trading Activities Among Canadian Mutual Fund Managers by Chang Liu

Environmental Impact of Sunbelt Growth: Investigating Trends in Household Carbon Dioxide Emissions by Haisi Liu

The Implications of Population Aging for Economic Growth: A Regional Comparative Study by Paige Muggeridge

Dealing with Data: An Empirical Analysis of Bayesian Extensions to the Black-Litterman Model by Daniel Eller Roeder

Google Search Volume Index: Predicting Returns, Volatility and Trading Volume of Tech Stocks by Xu Rui

The New Landscape of the NBA: The 2011 Collective Bargaining Agreement’s Impact on Competitive Balance and Players’ Salaries by Nicholas Yam

The Effect of Minority History on Racial Disparities in the Mortgage Market: A Case Study of Durham and New Haven by Jisoo Yoon

Multiples Valuation and Abnormal Returns by Joon Sang Yoon

Improving Matching Between Interest Rates and Borrower Riskiness in Microfinance Loans Using Sampling Methods by Jack Willoughby

Security without Equity? The Effect of Secure Communities on Racial Profiling by Police by Jack Willoughby

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