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Vol. XXVI, Spring 2014

The Duke Journal of Economics is published each year to showcase outstanding research in economics by Duke Graduate and Undergraduate students. Additional pieces will appear after their authors revise them.

We congratulate the authors of the research presented in this issue.

Charles Becker & Ed Tower, Faculty Advisors to the Journal
Dongkeun Lee, Associate Editor

Undergraduate Articles

Optimal Lineups in Penalty Kick Shootouts: An Empirical and Theoretical Investigation by Christian Britto and Lucas Hubbard

Understanding SME Finance: Determinants of Relationship Lending by (Sean) Suk Hyun Choi

Implications of Teacher Tenure on Teacher Quality and Student Performance in North Carolina by Dana Fenster

The Determination of Newspaper Slant in Small Markets by Jordyn Gracey

Market Dynamics and the Forward Premium Anomaly: A Model of Interacting Agents by Phillips Hogan and Evan Myer

The Effect of Mexico’s Conditional Cash Transfer System on Migration Decisions by Aki Ishikawa

Corporate Financial Distress and Bankruptcy Prediction in the North American Construction Industry by William (Gang) Li

The Impact of Micro-Banking on Health: Evidence from Self-Help Group Involvement and Child Nutrition by Madeline McKelway

Martin Bronfenbrenner: An Economist in the American Occupation of Japan by Michael Robert Potts

The Impact of Suburbanization on Poverty Concentration: Using Transportation Networks to Predict the Spatial Distribution of
Poverty by Winston Riddick

The Relationship between and Geographic Distribution of Breast Cancer Statistics: Diagnosis, Survival, and Mortality in
Selected Areas in the United States,1973-2004 by Timothy Rooney

Undergraduate Education and the Gender Wage Gap: An Analysis of the Effects of College Experience and Gender on Income by Kelsey Siman

Has Tort Reform Been Effective in Abating the Medical Malpractice Crisis? An Empirical Analysis from 1991-2012 by Raj Singh and Jiten Solanki

The Impact of State and Local Government Spending on Charitable Giving in the United States by Lynn Vandendriessche

Attendance, Home Advantage, and the Effect of a City on its Professional Sports Teams by Jack Willoughby

Video Game Sales: Does Diversity Pay? by Helena Wu

Graduate Articles

The Formation of Small Cities: Adopting a Model to Include Preference Endogeneity and Population Mobility by Xue Li

Monte-Carlo Simulations of GARCH, GJR-GARCH and Constatnt Volatility on NASDAQ-500 and the 10-Year Treasury by Dongkeun Lee and David Liu

Interbank Lending Rates and Monetary Policy in China by Johannes Maus

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