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Vol. XXII, Spring 2010

The Duke Journal of Economics is published each year to showcase outstanding research in economics by Duke undergraduates. Additional pieces will appear after their authors revise them.

We congratulate the authors of the research presented in this issue.

Charles Becker & Ed Tower, Faculty Advisors to the Journal

Honor’s Theses

Foreclosure Effects on Neighborhood Property Values in Durham County by Andrew Abraham

The Relationship Between Trading Volume and Jump Processes in Financial Markets by Pongpitch Amatyakul

Agricultural Suicides in India: The Role of Rainfall and Relation to Economic Theory by Rashmi Bhat

Forecasting Global Commodity Prices Using South-American Exchange Rates by Gabriela Borges

Improving the Business of Risky Business: An Ex-post Evaluation of VaR’s Statistical Input Assumptions by Michael Dechert and John Martin

The Downfall of Durham’s Historic Hayti: Propagated or Preempted by Urban Renewal by Frederick E. Ehrsam

Equity-Infused Microfinance: A Collaborative Success by Julia Garces

Heterogeneity in the Adverse Incentive Effect of Unemployment Insurance by  Caroline Hanson

Valuation of NFL Franchises by Sam Hill

The Effects of Common Obesity Indicators on the BMI of Durham’s Youth: A Case Study of Kestrel Heights Charter School by Ifran Husain

Performance Variation in the NBA: Guaranteed Contracts and the Contract Year Phenomenon by Neal Jean

Effects of Medicaid Coverage of Preventative and Diagnostic Care on Potentially Avoidable Hospitalizations by Zachary Kazzaz

A Study of Risk Aversion: Comparing Contestant Behavior on Deal or No Deal by Ren Yu Ku

Cracking Down on Cartels: An Examination of United States Department of Justice Antitrust Division Behavior in its Criminal Sentencing of Convicted Corporate Executives of Private International Cartels by Kristen E. Manderscheid

Applied Mechanism Design: Solving for the Optimal Collusive Mechanism for First-Price Auctions by John Min

Is Defense Decisive? An Examination of the National Football League Salary Structure and Game Outcomes by Eric Ness

Resolving the Problem of Poverty: A Comparison Between the Ideas of Milton Friedman and Alfred Marshall by Paul Pan

The Effect of IT Hack Announcements on the Market Value of Publicly Traded Corporations by Nishant Patel

Decision-Making and Optimal Foraging: Norepinephrine and the Exploration-Exploitation Tradeoff by Matthew Pease

Solar Photovoltaic Installation in California: Understanding the Likelihood of Adoption Given Incentives, Electricity Pricing and Consumer Characteristics by Emily Rothfield

The Influence of Malpractice Insurance Premiums on Physician Location Decisions by Kurtis Shuler

The Distortionary Effects of Market Microstructure Noise on Volatility Forecasts by Derek Song

Portfolio Patents and the Survival of Public Software Firms by Alexander Trahey

Sex, Crime and Real Estate: How Sex Offenders Affect Property Values in Durham, N.C. by Eugene Wang

Tort Reforms and Defensive Practices in Obstetrics by Rebecca Wu

An Analysis of the Effects of Public School Quality on the Housing Prices in Durham, North Carolina by John Wulsin

Energy Efficiency Through Demand-Side Management: An Examination into the Residential Sector by James Zahniser-Word

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