Contactless Lending at the Divinity Library

UPDATE: You may now request Divinity Library books through the catalog (see the main Library Takeout page for more information). You may select your pickup library location from several options; if you select Divinity as your pickup location, Divinity librarians will email you with a locker number and combination when your items are ready.

We will keep the Divinity Titles request form active in the event that the pandemic forces Duke to close certain services, such as shipping between libraries. However, you may now use Library Takeout to request books from Divinity as well as other Duke Libraries.

The Divinity Library is happy to offer a contactless lending service. You may request titles through the catalog or using this form. Don’t need to read the entire book? We are also fulfilling scanning requests; follow this link for instructions on how to replace a request for scanning. Read on for details about how to request books, how to pick them up, and how we’re keeping you safe throughout this process.


    • Do not use this form to request the library’s copies of books that are required readings for Fall 2020 Divinity courses. Please check the Divinity E-Reserves page for electronic access to these textbooks.
    • Please do not spray or wipe down our books. Please do not microwave our books. It is not necessary to clean or disinfect them; in fact, this will hurt the books.
    • You will need to wear a mask and abide by the Duke Compact when on campus.


How to Request Books

UPDATE: It is now possible to request Divinity items through the Duke Libraries catalog. You may also use this form to submit your request. The form will ask you for some basic information (your name, email, and NetID) and allow space for as many as 12 titles. Please include the title and call number (highlighted below) for each book you are requesting. (You can copy and paste this information straight from the item record in the library catalog.)

Please also make sure the item has “Divinity School Library — Stacks” as its location, and “Available” as its status (see the blue arrows above). We cannot deliver items from other libraries through this form; nor are we recalling items that are currently checked out to other patrons.


How to Pick Up Books

Once you have submitted your request, please allow a minimum of 72 hours for processing by Divinity Librarians. We will email you if we have any questions or issues locating any of the books you selected. Your items will be checked out to you and placed in a library locker outside the Divinity Library’s main entrance. Library staff will email you with a locker number and combination after your books have been delivered. You may come at any time to pick up books that have been delivered to a locker; however, please note that access to campus is still restricted. You will need to wear a mask throughout your visit to campus, swipe your Duke ID to enter the Divinity building, and practice social distancing with any staff you may encounter.

Ready to request items? Follow this link to the Divinity Titles Request form.



When can I come into the library? All students will need to make a reservation in order to come into the Divinity Library. Please see this page for more information.

What if I need books from other libraries; can I request them for pickup at Divinity? UPDATE: Yes, you can! Requests through the Duke Libraries catalog can be delivered to Divinity, and Divinity Library books can be requested for delivery to other library locations. See this FAQ page for details on the DUL (Perkins/Bostock/Lilly/Music) take-out service.

Where should I park when I come in to pick up books? The Bryan Center parking garage is closest to the Divinity School building. If you arrive and depart within 30 minutes, you will not be charged.

Can I return my books? Sure! Please return items through the Divinity Library’s book drop, outside our main entrance. See this page for more information.

How soon will my items be ready? We are committed to getting your requested books to you as soon as possible. It generally takes 72 hours to fully process a request, due to the mandatory minimum quarantine periods built into this process.

I’m comfortable skipping the quarantine period and all these other extra steps. Can I request books for same-day pickup? No. Our protocols for materials handling are not a question of what level of risk individual patrons are willing to accept; rather, they are based on what level of risk Duke University is willing to accept. Decisions about wearing face masks and other personal protective equipment, about strength and composition of sanitizing solution, about length of quarantine period for various materials, etc., are all based on extensive research and committee work conducted through Duke University Libraries and the Duke Health System. Our answer to many requests, that in other times would seem perfectly reasonable, must therefore be “no.”

Just how “contactless” is this contactless lending service? We are taking steps to make this process as safe as possible, and it is completely fair for patrons to ask for a little more detail so they can make informed decisions about whether they are comfortable coming to campus for books. As we collect your requested books and check them out to you, librarians will be wearing masks. We are washing our hands frequently throughout the day and will always do so immediately prior to handling books for checkout. Email notifications are sent out on a 24-hour delay, so when you receive notification that your books are available, you can be confident they have not been touched by anyone for at least 24 hours.