6 Things About Durham

On this episode of Divcast, aimed at those moving to the Durham community, we take a look at six different areas that you should consider about Durham when relocating here: Housing, Transportation, Culture and the Arts, Restaurants and Dining, the Triangle as a whole, and Nature. Our two staff assistants run the show this time, with Brandon Holmes hosting and Kinsley Whitworth as the guest. We hope you grow to love Durham and the Triangle as we have. You can learn more about Project Bri(DDD)ge on our website.

Our suggestions on this episode do not constitute an endorsement from Duke Divinity School. However, we did get the complexes, companies, and organizations listed on the episode from current student recommendations and also from personal positive experiences. It takes research to find a place to live and to learn about a community — we hope this list can be part of your research.

Here are some links to places mentioned in this episode:

There are more resources than these and we encourage you to check out: https://www.discoverdurham.com/, https://admissions.duke.edu/durham/, https://www.nearduke.com/housing, and https://dukelist.duke.edu/ (must use a NetID and password).

This interview was recorded separately due to the physical distancing required during early 2021. Brandon Holmes was serving as Senior Admissions Assistant in the Admissions Office when this episode was recorded. He has since taken a new position in the Admissions Office at the Duke School of Nursing.

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