This award is created to promote the production of excellent Chinese Christian literature, music, and art by providing a prestigious, indigenous award for Chinese writers and artists. Through this award, we hope to promote the indigenization of Christianity in China, encourage faith through artistic expression and promote the development of Chinese Christian literature and art. 



The 2020 Yage Prize will be based on Luke 6:20: “And he lifted up his eyes on his disciples, and said: ‘Blessed are you who are poor, for yours is the Kingdom of God!” Writers, musicians and artists are invited to create literary works based on this theme. (Note: entries for the Music Category are not restricted to this theme. Music works based on any Christian theme are welcomed.)

本届雅歌奖主题为 — 圣经《路加福音》6章20节:耶稣举目看着门徒,说:“你们贫穷的人有福了,因为上帝的国是你们的!” 请参与者围绕主题展开文学、视觉艺术创作。(音乐组别不受此主题限制,与广义基督教相关即可)




All submissions will be evaluated initially by the Prize staff. The finalists will be judged by a panel of experts from North America, mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. These judges will discuss the merits of the finalists and award the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and Special Prizes.

For “Music – Subcategory A. Worship Music,” final evaluation consists of two parts: 70% based on evaluation by judges and 30% based on online voting. Judges will evaluate finalist submissions based on lyrics and melody.





Call for entries opens: December 1, 2019

Call for entries closes: August 31,  2020

Jury Deliberations: September – October, 2020

Announcement of Winners: November 15, 2020

Prize Presentation Ceremony: Date to be determined (pending public health concerns)







The following prizes will be presented in each category:

Prizes Award*
First Prize (1 award) 30,000 RMB
Second Prize (2 awards) 20,000 RMB
Third Prize (3 awards) 10,000 RMB
Special Prize (1 award) 20,000 RMB

*All awards are subjected to tax regulations

In addition to cash prizes, the Yage Prize aspires to promote the dissemination of the winning works in every way possible, including and not limited to:

Assistance in publishing: unpublished winning literature works and outstanding entries; outstanding poems or prose will be published collectively.

Exhibitions: winning visual arts works and outstanding entries.

Publishing on digital platforms:  winning music works and outstanding entries.



奖项 奖金*
一等奖(1名) 30,000 人民币
二等奖(2名) 20,000 人民币
三等奖(3名) 10,000 人民币
特别奖(1名) 20,000 人民币







  1. Winners will be announced on the Yage Prize official website on November 15, 2020. Date and Venue of the Prize ceremony will be announced later.
  2. Winning choral and instrumental music works will be published in an album, and will be performed at the prize ceremony and concert.


  1. 获奖名单将于2020年11月15日在雅歌奖网站 www.yageprize.com上公布,颁奖仪式举办日期及地点将稍后公布。
  2. 获奖合唱及器乐作品将被收录入专辑出版,并受邀参与颁奖音乐会的演出。



  1. Applicants can submit their works as an individual or a group. The individual or the group must own the authorship to the work.
  2. This competition is open to writers, composers and artists of Chinese descent worldwide. There are no restrictions on candidates’ current nationality or country of residence.
  3. The organizer reserves the right to (re)classify music submissions into one of the two subcategories as necessary.
  4. All visual art, literature, choral and instrumental music submissions must be completely original work. However, worship music submissions may include existing traditional music or folk music with original lyrics. Choral music and worship music submissions may also include scriptures in Chinese.
  5. For instrumental music submissions, recommended length of work: 6-8 minutes; only original works are accepted; solo pieces or chamber music pieces are welcomed.
  6. For choral music submissions, recommended length of work: 6-8 minutes; except for a cappella pieces, all works should be submitted with piano accompaniment score or full score.
  7. All works must be original works. Works with rewriting new lyrics or rearrangement of an existing traditional music are qualified to apply.
  8. Works that have not been published or are published within the past five years (ie. after Nov 2014) are qualified to apply.
  9. Language of the work should be in Chinese or any languages of Chinese Ethnic Groups. We encourage applicants to create works in Chinese dialects.
  10. Depending on the level of submissions, First Prizes and Special Prizes may remain vacant, or more than 1 award will be awarded.
  11. Staff from the organizer are not allowed to apply.
  12. Submissions that do not comply with the above guidelines will not be reviewed.


  1. 参赛者可以个人名义,或者多人的名义提交作品,但是该个人或者群体必须对参赛作品拥有完整的著作权。
  2. 征稿对象:面向全球华人(不限国籍与居住地)。
  3. 主办方保留将参赛音乐作品分到不同组别的权利。
  4. 所有视觉艺术、文学、福音歌曲、合唱及器乐作品必须为原创作品。福音歌曲作品可包含由民歌或者传统音乐改编赋新词的作品。
  5. 关于器乐作品: 建议时长为6-8分钟。该奖只接受原创作品,独奏和室内乐均可。
  6. 关于合唱作品:建议时长为6-8分钟。除无伴奏作品外,其它作品需提供钢琴伴奏乐谱或交响乐队总谱,可以使用圣经经文作为歌词。
  7. 未正式出版或出版于五年之内的作品(即出版于2014年11月之后)均可参赛。
  8. 作品的语言为汉语或华人少数民族的语言,鼓励各地华人方言的创作。
  9. 允许一等奖和特别奖空缺,也可增列佳作,视参赛作品水准而定。
  10. 主办机构工作人员不得参加。
  11. 不符合以上规定者,不列入评审。


  1. Call for entries opens: December 1, 2019
  2. Call for entries closes: August 31, 2020
  3. Download and fill out the application form. Email your work with the completed form to
  4. If the file size exceeds 25 MB, please submit your application through Log on to, upload your files and send the application form to
  5. In the email title, please put: Submission Category + Name of your work + Your name
  6. A confirmation email will be sent to you from confirming your application
  7. Special submission requirements for each category:
    Literature: all works should be submitted in Word document format; font: Sim Sun (宋体); font size: 12, spacing: single space; file size: under 20MB.

Visual Arts: File size of single picture of the work should be under 20MB, file size of video should be under 2GB.


  1. Full score or a Simplified score (Jian Pu) of the work must be submitted.
  1. Music recording of the submitted work in MP3 or MP4 if possible. MIDI realizations are acceptable.
  2. File size must not exceed 2GB.


Click to Download Application Form:


For Inquiries, please email:

Organizers: Duke Initiative in Theology and the Arts

Partners: Chinese Christian Literature and Arts Fellowship

  1. 报名开始:2019年12月1日
  2. 报名截止:2020年8月31日
  3. 请下载并填妥报名表,连同作品电子文件一并电邮至:
  4. 如文件大小超过25MB,请登陆,上传文件并发送至(。
  5. 邮件主题栏请填写:竞赛组别+作品名称+参赛人姓名。
  6. 组委会工作人员收到参赛邮件并审核报名材料无误后将通过 通知参赛者报名成功。
  7. 各竞赛组表报名附加要求:
  8. 文学:文学作品的提交格式为Word文档,宋体12号字,单倍行距,文件大小不超过20MB。
  9. 视觉艺术:视觉艺术板块提交的单幅图片文件大小不超过20MB,视频文件的大小不超过2GB。
  10. 音乐:提供乐谱(简谱或五线谱),如有影音文件的大小不超过2GB,






合作伙伴:华人基督徒文学艺术者协会(CCLAF),  科洛纳音乐学院 (CCOM)


  1. The organizer can use the winning work for the promotion of the prize and other non-commercial purposes.
  2. Applicants will be disqualified if their works violate general guidelines of the Prize or are involved in copyright infringement. If those violations are found after the prize is awarded, all awards should be returned to the organizer and the applicant will be responsible for all losses caused.
  3. This Prize description, guidelines and regulations will be updated if needed, please see website of Duke Initiative in Theology and the Arts (website) for the latest announcements.

  1. 参赛作品一旦获奖,主办机构可以为奖项推广等非商业目的无偿使用该作品。
  2. 参赛作品如经发现违反比赛办法、参加资格,或有冒借、抄袭等侵犯他人知识产权以及其他权益之事时,一律取消资格,如已颁奖,应立即退还所得奖金和奖杯,并赔偿主办机构因此蒙受之损失。
  3. 本办法若有未尽事宜,随时修订并公布于杜克大学相关网页。



For Inquiries, please email:

Organizers: Duke Initiative in Theology and the Arts

Partners: Chinese Christian Literature and Arts Fellowship, Corona Conservatory of Music




合作伙伴:华人基督徒文学艺术者协会(CCLAF)、科洛纳音乐学院 (CCOM)



Slider image by Daozi, Elegy for Saintess LinZhao, Ink on paper 65×95 cm.