Current Students

Christina Carnes Ananias

“Throughout my study and work, my interests have focused on the particular contributions that modernist and contemporary visual art bring to the practice of theology, and how theology informs the interpretation and practice of art-making.”

Selected Work

​“Something ​From Nothing:​ A Theology of Nothingness and Silence for Yves Klein’s ​Le Vide,​ ”​ i​n ​Contemporary Art and the Church: A Conversation Between Two Worlds.​ Ed. W. David O. Taylor and Taylor Worley. (Chicago, IL: Intervarsity Press, 2017)

Nate Jones

“My research sits at the intersections of theology, music, and literature. In particular, my dissertation focuses on the aesthetic influence of Martin Luther on Johann Sebastian Bach. I am also interested in the theology of play, viewing it as a concept that links the arts with athletic activity.”

Selected Work

“Feeling God’s Pleasure: Christian Faith in the World of Sports,” in Word and World, (Vol. 35, No. 4, Fall 2015) (Find It Here)

Adam Perez

“​I study music and theology in the last 50 years of worship in American evangelical, pentecostal, and charismatic contexts, namely in the practices of “Contemporary Worship” and “Praise and Worship.”

Selected Work

“Contemporary Worship Music and Everyday Musical Lives, Mark Porter.” Global Forum on Arts and Christian Faith Vol 6. (2018). (Find It Here)


Glenn Stallsmith

“My primary emphasis is in liturgical studies with a secondary in theology and the arts. As an ethnomusicologist, I am interested in performed and embodied expressions of culture, especially those that involve constructions of time and place. My research focus is extemporaneous prayer and its development since the mid-twentieth century.”

Selected Work:

“Worship from the Nations: A Response to Scott Aniol.” In ​Global Forum on Arts and Christian Faith​ 3.1, 2015. (Find It Here)