LISTEN to Stephen Roach of the Makers & Mystics Podcast interview Dr. Jeremy Begbie about Art & the Transcendence of God

LISTEN to Bob Crawford and Chris Breslin, the hosts of the Road to Now Theology Podcast, interview Dr. Jeremy Begbie about Theology of and through the Arts

LISTEN as Malcolm Guite and Micheal Ward Explore What We can Learn from Dante and C.S. Lewis’ Vision of the Cosmos

LISTEN to Natalie Carnes’ 2018 Distinguished Lecture in Theology and the Arts, entitled “The New Iconoclasm: A Christological Reflection on Making and Breaking Images”

WATCH Nicholas Wolterstorff deliver the 2017 Distinguished Lecture in Theology and the Arts, “Social Protest Art and George Rouault”

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LISTEN as three eminent scholars respond to T.S. Eliot’s Four Quartets and artistic responses to those poems.

LISTEN to a lecture by James K.A. Smith exploring the intersections between theology and the imagination.

LISTEN to Dr. Anna Marazuela Kim share her research bringing together Art History, Phenomenology, and Theology to discuss the work of Michelangelo.

WATCH Artist Bruce Herman deliver a lecture on “Making, Unmaking, Remaking: Conflict and Resolution in the Creation of a Painting” as part of his residency at Duke Divinity School.