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Meeting Our Moment

Ongoing Video Series

The past five years have held challenge, struggle, and even discouragement for many. How can the arts help us have hope and faith in such times? In this ongoing video series, DITA director Jeremy Begbie talks to Christian artists and scholars about the pandemic, reconciliation, poetry, music, suffering and much more. Each episode features leading artists and scholars in the field, and the topics range from Christian feminism to art as advocacy to the role of art in Latinx communities. Each episode speaks to the heart of how art shapes theology and theology shapes art. We are grateful to the scholars and artists who participated and hope these episodes reveal the profound power of art to heal, restore, and advocate in times of sorrow, challenge, and suffering.

Collaborative scholars and artists interviewed include Hannah Rose Thomas, Malcolm Guite, John Ferrillo, Elizabeth Klein, Natalie Carnes, Steve Prince, Leah Glenn, Patrick Smith, Cecilia Gonzalez-Andrieu, and Tony Alonso.