The Emerging Scholars in Theology and Arts Colloquium is at the heart of DITA10’s purpose: to cultivate the next generation of scholars in theology and to cast a vision for the future of the discipline.


The Colloquium will take place concurrently with the sessions and workshops of DITA10 and will reflect the conference’s theme of “Creation and New Creation: Discerning the Future for Theology and the Arts.”

During the three days, a group of 19 students and scholars have been chosen to workshop new papers and ideas in the context of meaningful and sustained dialogue, engage one another’s work with rigor and charity, and create a community to sustain the field for years to come.

The Colloquium will be overseen by W. David O. Taylor, Director of Brehm Texas and Assistant Professor of Theology and Culture at Fuller Seminary. Those not workshopping a paper are invited to attend the sessions and observe the ongoing discussions. In order to protect the intellectual property of the Colloquium participants, full-text of the papers will not be provided to those attending the sessions. An overview of the panels for the sessions can be found here.

Please note that the Colloquium sessions run at the same time as the breakout sessions and workshop sessions that are available for registration. If you would prefer to attend the Colloquium rather than attend a workshop, please do not register for workshops. Colloquium session attendees should be registered for DITA10.

If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with us at