A New Year Letter from DITA Director, Jeremy Begbie


This new year comes with our warmest greetings to all our donors, scholars, teachers, and artists. We are immensely grateful for the continuing interest and support for DITA we receive from all over the world.

2023 promises to be exceptional. It begins with a week-long visit by renowned poet and theologian, Malcolm Guite, a close friend and supporter of DITA for over many years. Among other things, he will teach a hybrid course for us on “The Poetic Imagination,” as well as deliver a public lecture at Duke Divinity School. Our wonderful DITA supporters and sponsors, Sandra and Bob Bowden, have generously lent us an exhibition on “Marc Chagall and the Bible,” to be displayed in Duke Chapel from January 12–March 30. Chagall was one of the twentieth century’s most celebrated painters who explored a host of Jewish and Christian themes in unforgettable ways. You won’t want to miss this. Admission is free.

Later in the year, Duke Divinity School is proud to host the annual conference for the Society for Christian Scholarship in Music (March 2–4, 2023). This is a thriving group of students and faculty who are dedicated to exploring the intersections of Christian faith and musical scholarship. DITA also looks forward to welcoming a cohort of theology and the arts scholars in April 2023 for a conference of collaborative research and revitalizing seminars.

Our new program coordinator, Mary Lynn Myers, has made an enormous contribution already, and we are especially delighted to welcome Madison Daniel and Rebekah Schultz on to our communications team—both Duke Divinity students.

Please explore this website to find out more about these and other developments. And please do get in touch with your feedback and ideas. We rely heavily on the creativity of a large “cloud of witnesses” as we seek to integrate the various strands of DITA’s work.

In the meantime, our warmest good wishes for the new year and beyond,

Jeremy Begbie

McDonald Agape Director of DITA
Thomas A. Langford Distinguished Research Professor of Theology
January 2023