The Final Challenging Step of Innovation: Persuading Scientific Researchers

Organizers: Alexander Schacht (UCB)
Chair: Roann Seay (Prahs)
Vice Chair: Alexander Schacht (UCB)

Alexander Schacht (UCB)
Gary Sullivan (Espirer Consulting LLC)

There is no shortage of novel statistical methods and emerging analytical technologies that can positively impact drug development. Every technical conference is filled with an abundance of impactful ideas and innovative approaches. Often the hard part is the final step: quickly integrating these approaches into the pharmaceutical development process. Why is that? Simply put, it requires a different set of skills – what some would call soft skills but what we would call leadership. Defined one way, leadership is the ability to consistently deliver value to an organization or cause by persuading others to act on your ideas. That is, convincing your scientific collaborators to apply new – and better – approaches.

In this presentation, we will discuss why many technical statisticians struggle convincing their scientific collaborators to adopt and apply new ways of thinking. These include how the traditional approach of statistical consulting can hinder you from being seen as a relevant business partner and how your attention to detail can sometimes be a barrier to influence. We will also share what you can do to overcome these challenges, identify some critical skills you should learn, and provide actionable approaches to improve your ability to influence and lead.