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Poster Session

Announcing the Winners of the DISS2024 Poster Contest

Chenyin Gao     (North Carolina State University)  Title: Improving Randomized Controlled Trial Analysis via Data-Adaptive Borrowing

Chanhwa Lee     (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)  Title: Nonparametric Causal Survival Analysis under Clustered Interference

Qiao Wang     (Duke University School of Medicine)  Title: Bayesian Hierarchical Models with Mixtures of G-priors for Assessing Treatment Effect Moderation in Meta-Analysis

Congratulations to all poster presenters on their outstanding well-prepared presentations for the Poster Lightening Talk Session!
Please click on the button below to view posters from the presenters who gave permission to share their poster. 

 DISS2024 Poster Session Information 

Welcome to our poster session—an integral part of the conference designed for presenters to display their research and interact with attendees. This session covers a wide array of topics, including quantitative methods and their applications in pharmaceutical development, clinical research, and biomedical studies. Participants can engage in one of three formats:

  1. Poster Presentation Session (11:30am 1:30pm on April 4, 2024)
    All submitted posters will give a traditional interactive poster presentation.
  2. Poster Lightning Talk Session (3:00pm  5:00pm on April 4, 2024)
    Selected posters will deliver brief and focused talks on their posters’ key points.
  3. Early Career Poster Award Competition
    This will offer an exciting opportunity for students and postdoctoral researchers to gain recognition for their work.

We invite all participants to explore these dynamic formats and contribute to the rich scientific dialogue they foster.

*The symposium registration fee will be waived for all participants of poster sessions. The associated promo code will be sent to participants.

Please send all inquiries with the subject line “Poster submission for DISS2024” to Dr. Hwanhee Hong at

Poster Submission

  • Submission Formats:
    • Abstracts: Submit in Word or PDF format.
    • Posters: Only PDF format will be accepted. Please note that posters submitted in PowerPoint format will not be considered.
  • Submission Deadlines:
    • For Special Sessions and Competitions:
      • If you wish to be considered for the Poster Lightning Talk Session or the Early Career Poster Award Competition, please submit your posters by 5:00pm on February 15, 2024 (EST).
    • Regular Submissions:
      • For all other regular poster presentations, please submit your posters or abstracts by the deadline of 5:00pm on March 15, 2024 (EST).
  • How to Submit:
    • Please submit your posters and abstracts via the provided Google Survey link.
    • If the Google Survey link is inaccessible, kindly contact Dr. Hwanhee Hong at
  • Submission Deadlines Overview:

    Submission Material

    Submission Deadline

    Early Deadline:

    For the Poster Lightning Talk Session and the Early Career Poster Award Competition

    – Poster (PDF only)

    – A letter from advisor (Word or PDF; for the competition only)

    5:00pm February 15, 2024 (EST)

    Regular Deadline:

    For all other regular posters

    – Poster (PDF only) or Abstract (Word or PDF)

    5:00pm March 15, 2024 (EST)

Poster Presentation

Posters will include the title and name(s) of the presenter(s). We encourage the extensive and creative use of visualization to effectively communicate your message. Limited text and large fonts are recommended to allow the poster to be read from several feet away.

  • The poster presentation session will be 11:30am – 1:30pm on Thursday,  April 4, 2024.
  • Posters previously presented at other conferences are welcome.
  • The recommended poster size is 60″ X 42″. However, if you are using an existing poster of a different size, it will also be accepted.
  • Posters will be on display during the symposium on April 4. Boards and tacks for mounting your poster will be provided at the venue.

Poster Lightning Talk Session

If your poster is selected, you will be invited to give an oral presentation during the Poster Lightning Talk Session.   

  • The Session will take place Thursday, April 4, 2024 from 3:00pm – 5:00pm. 
  • To be considered as a presenter, your full poster (PDF format, not an abstract) must be submitted by 5:00pm on February 15, 2024 (EST). 
  • Selected posters will be notified via email by March 4, 2024.
  • Each presenter will be allocated 10 minutes for their lightning talk. Further details will be provided to selected participants.
  • Presenters may use either electronic posters or presentation slides during their talk. 

Please ensure your submission is on time and prepare for the possibility of presenting in this exciting session.

Early Career Poster Award Competition

This competition is open to graduate students and postdoctoral researchers.

  • All current graduate students and postdoctoral researchers during year 2023-2024 are eligible to enter the competition.
  • To participate in the competition, your full poster (PDF format, not an abstract) must be submitted by 5:00pm on February 15, 2024 (EST). 
  • Submission of a letter from the advisor is required to confirm the status of the student or postdoctoral researcher. The letter should contain the statement:

        “I certify that [STUDENT OR POSTDOC NAME] is a [CURRENT POSITION] at [INSTITUTION] for the academic year 2023-2024
and has been principally responsible for the research that will be presented in the poster session at DISS 2024.”

  • All submissions will be reviewed, and finalists will be chosen based on the quality of their work.  
  • Finalists will be notified via email by March 4, 2024. 
  • Finalists will give an oral presentation during the Poster Lightning Talk Session, scheduled on Thursday, April 4. 
  • The poster committee will evaluate submissions based on its scientific merit and the quality of the presentation.
  • Winners of the competition will be announced during the Keynote session on Friday, April 5, 2024. Each recipient will be awarded a certificate and a prize.

Participants are encouraged to submit their posters promptly and prepare for the chance to present at this prestigious event.