Duke Disability Alliance will celebrate Duke University’s second annual

Disability Pride Week

from March 26 to 31, 2018.


Why do we need a Disability Pride week?

Eli Clare, a disabled, queer writer and activist writes,

Pride is not an inessential thing. Without pride, disabled people are much more likely to accept unquestioningly the daily material condition of ableism; unemployment, poverty, segregated and substandard education, years spent locked up in nursing homes, violence perpetrated by caregivers, lack of access. Without pride, individual and collective resistance to oppression becomes nearly impossible.

In the words of the National Council on Independent Living, “Disability pride is a tool to fight against ableism by affirming one’s self-worth as a disabled person in an ableist society.” It is a tool for building community, for sustaining the disability rights movement, and for celebrating the lives and identities of a large and vibrant community.

See our full list of events below! We have something going on every day of the week. We’d love for you to join us!

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