Creative Writing

New Friends

By Nick Saba and Jay Patel

Illustrated children’s book.

This children’s book shares the story of Bridget, an autistic child starting at a new school and making new friends. As part of their Activism Project, the authors traveled to local Durham schools and gave readings to young children.


My Dad is My Hero – Mental Disabilities & War Trauma

By Kayley Josephs

Illustrated, rhyming children’s book.

This book aims to destigmatize veterans with mental disabilities. The story is told from the perspective of a young son whose father has returned from war with a mental disability.


Bulimia Nervosa

By Candida De Hoyos

Illustrated, rhyming children’s book.

This book raises awareness of eating disorders while demonstrating that mental health correlates to physical health. The story shows how events in the past can influence someone’s present. The project seeks to generate understand for the feelings that accompany eating disorders, and aims to expand the view of who a “typical” person with an eating disorder is.


Reexamining Police Brutality

By Rahteesha Burgess

A poetry series published on tumblr.

How do racism and sanism intersect in cases of police brutality? Racial profiling places unjust targets on black people. However, mental ‘illness’ is intersectional, so the actions and behaviors of disabled black people are often misinterpreted in situations of police violence.


The Lonely Brain

By Sydny Long

A graphic novel published on tumblr.

This graphic novel illustrates the story and inner experiences of a young woman coming to terms with her intersectional identity as queer and disabled.