Disability Pride Week 2018

Duke Disability Alliance proudly presents:

Disability Pride Week 2018

March 26-31


On this website, you can see our week’s worth of events promoting disability justice and celebrating disability art. You can also explore ~30 Activism Projects created by Duke students participating in Disability Pride Week!

Our events include a guest lecture on trauma-informed care to help us build more inclusive and welcoming institutions, a student expo showcasing our creative activism projects on disability and mental health justice, an accessibility matters day challenging the Duke community to evaluate access barriers in our own built environment, and a Disability and the Arts event in the Nasher Museum featuring the amazing talents of three invited artists with disabilities.

The About the Artists tab will tell you all about our visiting artists!

The Events tab details each of our events!

The Activism Projects tab contains links to all of the projects, created independently and in teams, by Duke students studying disability and mental health.

Topics explored in these projects include disability representations in popular media, disability in schools, the culture of higher education, the pharmaceutical industry, addiction, criminalization and incarceration, war trauma, sexual assault, police brutality, intersectional identities, refugee mental health, homelessness, stigma, and common misconceptions about specific forms of neurodiversity.

Some students teamed up with filmmaking students to create advocacy videos about disability and mental health at Duke.

Others worked directly with local non-profits (the Alliance of Disability Advocates and the North Carolina Council on Developmental Disabilities) to create a website on how transportation infrastructure impacts the quality of life of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Some students researched specific social and systemic contexts impacting mental health and published articles, blogs and op-eds.

Others organized events of their own, and ran social media campaigns.

Some students created artwork and crafts using an impressive variety of media and technology. Others pursued creative writing and produced poetry, children’s books, and graphic novels.

Please help us share these projects widely! It takes all of us to create a disability conscious community.