Orientation Material

Student Orientation: This contains important information about clinic and your experience, including required viewing orientation videos, goals and objectives of the clinic, the schedule, evaluations for after the clinic, and directions to the clinic.

The clinic meets in the interventional radiology intake room, 1511A. This is NOT the main Radiology Patient Waiting Room.  Please meet there promptly at 5:15PM in professional attire or scrubs with your white coat.

We are dependent on the patients who are in the ER. Depending on the number of students and the type of patients available we will work in either one or two teams. Each night can be different depending on the training level of the students and the patients in the waiting room. We now have team members, both students and faculty, from a diverse group of programs, including MD, PT, PA, NP, and RN/BSN.  Your team make up may vary each night.

While this clinic is about interprofessional interactions, it is also about direct observation of your skill.  Faculty will change their teaching depending on what YOU need.  Come with a clear learning goal in mind.

  • If you are a 3rdor 4th year medical student, we want to use this opportunity to focus on your teaching skills and leadership style.  Discuss with your faculty member your specific goals.
  • If you are a 1styear medical student, let faculty know where you are in your course   of training and what you want to work on.

You will be required to complete an evaluation of the clinic within one week  You will need to request an evaluation from the faculty member with whom you worked (the link is below). You must complete an evaluation to receive credit for completing the clinic.

Finally, a word about professionalism.  Your attendance is key to this interprofessional experience. Additionally, we try to schedule faculty based on the students who sign up (1 versus 2 faculty).  As a result, it is important that if you sign up, you show up.  If you cannot make it, you must arrange a swap with a classmate.  Please email us any scheduling issues or concerns as soon as you know about them- we may be able to help. A professionalism form will be written if you do not show up or have not arranged a replacement.

Link to schedule/signup link

September and October 2018 http://signup.com/go/nYHQLKy

November and December 2018 http://signup.com/go/aQGmUqf

Jan, Feb and Mar 2019 http://signup.com/go/MXNmoby


Orientation Requirements

Please review the following videos PRIOR to your session.  This is 30 minutes of video (watched at 1X).  You must then complete the pre-clinic attestation saying that you have watched the video:

 Video on Clinic Flow (may need to cut and paste link to work)- All Students Must Watch https://duke.mediasite.com/Mediasite/Play/2baf723987154ccba949a62e4c34c9771d

 Video on Different Professional Schools Training: All Students Must Watch https://duke.mediasite.com/Mediasite/Play/de7d197b842b48a5b03037afd3c861cb1d

 All students must complete the PreClinic Orientation Attestation Survey: (must be completed prior to the start of clinic) https://duke.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_37w9WTN5dRqsAJv


Student Evaluation of Learning Experience (all students): Students are expected to complete the electronic Qualtrics survey about their experience in the clinic (after EVERY clinic session attended).Your clinic time will not count unless this is done. https://duke.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_71efJJSuJLokkcZ

Evaluation of Student Performance by Faculty: All students should ask a preceptor (when possible, preferably one from another profession) to complete a formative assessment of their performance during the Direct Observation and IPE clinic shift using the attached evaluation. PLEASE SEND WITHIN 48 HOURS OR FACULTY ARE NOT REQUIRED TO FILL THIS OUT.                                           https://duke.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_72v7ggULcm9mUlv Please make sure to give you email to the faculty when you send the evaluation.