About the Direct Observation and IPE Clinic

Background: The Direct Observation and Interprofessional Clinic was established for two purposes:

To allow students from different professions to work together in direct, patient care.  The clinic operates nightly, from 5:15-9:15pm.  Students are paired with faculty and students from other professions (MD with NP, or PA with MD, etc.) to see patients with acute needs from the emergency department.

In addition, the clinic serves as opportunity for students to be directly observed providing patient care, including students’ ability to obtain a history, perform a physical exam, generate differential diagnosis and create management plans which involve the patient in shared decision-making.

Clinic location and Start Time:

The Clinic is located in radiology 1511A in Duke North and starts at 5:15PM

Learning Objectives

  1. Work effectively with other health care professionals to provide patient-centered care
    1. Discussing similarities and differences in provider roles and responsibilities
    2. Communicating effectively and professionally
    3. When only a single profession is represented in clinic, senior students will teach and supervise 1st year students
  2. Obtain accurate information during patient assessment through history-taking and physical examination (for upper level students this should be problem-focused)
  3. Create prioritized differential diagnoses and suggest appropriate testing paradigms (for upper level students be neither too broad nor too narrow and include cost-consciousness)
  4. Develop collaborative management plans based on patient information and preferences, scientific evidence base, and informed clinical judgment
  5. Understand the role of the direct observation and IPE clinic within the Duke University Health System as well as the outcomes of care provided in our clinic to patients in the emergency department