lablogoThe Digital Writing and Pedagogy Lab considers how the theories and praxis of digital rhetoric, multimedia composition, open access, and public knowledge and communication fit into the expanding concept of academic writing. Our goal is to develop strategies for integrating digital writing into Writing 101 in sustained ways.

Grounded in digital writing, the curricular innovations might include composing data visualization projects, crowdsourcing digital archives, designing multimedia research projects, and contributing critical discourse to a web-based collaborative workspace. These curricular innovations would include creating an archive of materials and project ideas that could be adapted into various courses.

Through the work of the Lab, Duke Libraries—which currently partners with the TWP to provide library instruction to students in all Writing 101 courses—will deepen its collaborative relationship with the TWP to provide expertise in areas of increasing urgency for students, such as digital research competencies. Duke Libraries currently offers individually tailored library workshops for every Writing 101 section. The Lab will consider how the Libraries staff can use these workshops most effectively to offer its expertise in the areas of citation, publishing, and open access.



The TWP Digital Writing + Pedagogy Lab is supported through a Humanities Writ Large, Emerging Networks Grant. Humanities Writ Large is a five-year initiative aimed at redefining the role of the humanities in undergraduate education.