Digital Matters in Medieval and Renaissance Studies

Sponsored by the Duke Program in Medieval and Renaissance Studies, Duke Information Science+Studies, PhD Lab in Digital Knowledge, Duke Libraries, and Duke Department of English

Hosted in the Franklin Humanities Institute,  Smith Warehouse Bay 4.

Panels and plenary sessions will be held in the Ahmadieh Family Lecture Hall.


Friday, April 6

Registration and Welcome                                                                             9:30 – 10:00


Session One                                                                                                            10:00 – 11:15

Music: Networks and Archives

Chair: Samantha Arten, Duke University

“Musicians’ Networks in Early Modern Venice Through Archival Documents.” Mollie Ables, Wabash College

“Collaboration in the Isabella d’Este Archive.” Anne MacNeil, UNC-Chapel Hill

“‘Louder the music there:’ Digitally Cutting and Pasting Song in Twelfth Night and King Lear.” Nikki Roulo, UNC-Chapel Hill


Break                                                                                                                         11:15 – 11:30


Session Two                                                                                                           11:30 – 12:45

The Medieval Kingdom of Sicily Image Database Project: From Conceptual Design to Management

Chair: Caroline Bruzelius, Duke University

Part I: The Project Concept. Caroline Bruzelius, Duke University

Part II: Project Creation: Making Concept into Reality. John Taormina, Duke University

Part III: Project Management: Continued Consistency, and On-going Technological Changes. William Broom, Duke University


Lunch                                                                                                                        12:45 – 2:30


Session Three                                                                                                       2:30 – 3:45

Centering Spenser:  A Digital Resource for Kilcolman Castle. A workshop in augmented reality.

Chair: Thomas Herron, East Carolina University

Thomas Herron, East Carolina University

Laurie Godwin, East Carolina University

Doug Barnum, East Carolina University


Break                                                                                                                         3:45 – 4:00


Plenary                                                                                                                     4:00 – 5:30

Vaughn Stewart, UNC-Greensboro

“Teaching Literary Instability through E-books and Encoding”


Saturday, April 7

Registration and Welcome                                                                          9:30 – 10:00


Session Four                                                                                                         10:00 – 11:15

The Wired! Lab and Digital Art History at Duke

Chair: Kristin L. Huffman, Duke University

“Mapping Stereotomy: Vaulting in the Ancient and Medieval Mediterranean.” Sara Galletti, Duke University

“The Book of Fortresses: An Early Modern Visualisation of a Historical Buffer-Zone.” Ed Triplett, Duke University

“500-Year-Old Wooden Blocks, Light Laser Scans & Photogrammetry.” Kristin L. Huffman with the collaboration of Mark DeLong, Duke University


Break                                                                                                                      11:15 – 11:30


Session Five                                                                                                        11:30 – 12:45

Social Network Analysis and Mapping Relation

Chair: Jessica Ward, UNC-Greensboro

“The Medieval World of Representations: Mapping the Rex et Sacerdos Vocabulary with the T.E.I and Gephi.” Marie-Astrid Hugel, EHESS Paris/Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg

“Magnum Notitia: Application of Social Network Analysis as Framework for Constructing the 13th Century Prosopography.” James B. Harr, III, North Carolina State University

“Mapping Exegesis in the Carolingian World.” Clare Woods, Duke University


Lunch                                                                                                                       12:45 – 2:30


Session Six                                                                                                               2:30 – 3:45

Digital Publishing and the Archive

Chair: Astrid Giugni, Duke University

“Louise Labé and Authorship Attribution.” Kristen Foote, UNC-Chapel Hill

“‘Real’ Publications: The Intersection of Digital Humanities and Scholarly Reality.” Bryce Gessell, Duke University

Beowulf and the Present State of the Digital Archive: The Rhetoric of Ownership and Manuscript Studies in the Early 21st Century.” Matthew Higgins, Georgia State University


Break                                                                                                                        3:45 – 4:00


Plenary                                                                                                                     4:00 – 5:30

Cheryl Ball, Wayne State University

“Key Questions for Creating and Sustaining Digital Humanities Projects”


Reception                                                                                                                 5:30