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  1. Gaute Rygh Gaute Rygh


    I am a Ph.D. student in sociology and I have been doing some text analysis, and think many of these presentations seem very interesting. Unfortunately I am busy from 1.30 to 4.00 on Thursday, so I am just wondering if you are planning to hold any of these presentations at a later time?

    Although I don’t know this field well enough to know for certain that these presentations would be very helpful for me, I thought “Text Mining as a Research Tool in the Humanities & Social Sciences”; “NVivo as a Tool for Organizing & Analyzing Texts”; “High-Level Text Analysis and Techniques” and “Visualizing Text: Tools and Techniques” sounded particularly interesting.

    All the best,



      Thanks for letting me know your interest, Gaute. If there are opportunities to host encore presentations for any of these events (especially the ones you list above), I’ll post that information to this site. I’m also looking into the possibility of filming some of these presentations for posting on DukeStream; if that works out, I’ll share the links here as well.

      Fortunately, 3 of the 4 presentations you’re most interested in are being offered by people here at Duke, who may be able to offer alternative workshops through their departments. Angela Zoss in particular is the Duke Libraries’ new Data Visualization Coordinator, and she is offering a number of open classes in visualization tools and techniques. Check out the GIS/Data Lab’s schedule at (see especially the “Introduction to Text Analysis” workshop next week, September 26:

  2. Truls Truls

    Great presentation, but
    i unfortunately had to leave early today.

    was the session videotaped?
    or is it at least possible to get a copy of the slides Ryan Shaw showed?


      I’ll post slides here tomorrow or next week. This even wasn’t re order but we’ll look into doing this for future presentations.

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