11 September 2013

Digital Humanities Graduate Assistantships

Each academic year, Duke University Libraries seek to hire graduate assistants to help with the design and development of innovative digital humanities projects at Duke.  These assistants have opportunities to work closely with library staff and Duke faculty to create exciting new projects from the ground up, gaining hands-on experience in the interdisciplinary practices of the digital humanities. Day-to-day work includes gathering requirements, contributing to the development of software projects and Web resources, researching and reporting on platforms and tools, advising faculty on technical matters, and serving as a liaison between principal investigators, library staff, and other project stakeholders.

The ideal candidates should be interested in learning about the theory and practice of the digital humanities and should possess practical skills such as an understanding of XML and proficiency in HTML/CSS or a modern programming language (Java, PHP, etc.). Knowledge of database systems such as MySQL is a plus.  Preferred qualifications include an academic background in a humanities discipline, previous experience using digital technologies in the humanities, and an awareness of current digital humanities trends and projects.  These positions require frequent one-on-one consultation, so excellent written, interpersonal, and oral communication skills are a must.

These assistantships are part of Duke’s Humanities Writ Large initiative and will work directly with HWL projects (for more information on Humanities Writ Large, see http://humanitieswritlarge.duke.edu). These are nine-month, paid, part-time (19.5 hours/week) positions reporting to the Digital Humanities Technology Consultant (Digital Scholarship Services, Duke University Libraries).

To inquire about position availability, please contact William Shaw at william.shaw@duke.edu.

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