12 September 2013

Graduate Student Opportunities

We welcome the opportunity to work with graduate students who are interested in gaining hands-on experience with digital scholarship at Duke.  Our primary graduate opportunities are research assistantships and curricular-credit earning field experiences.

Social Media Manager/Research Assistant, Project Vox

Project Vox, an online, open-access project working to acknowledge and integrate early modern women philosophers into Philosophy instruction and research, seeks a part-time Social Media Manager and Research Assistant (SMM/RA) for the academic year 2016-2017. This is a 6-month position (beginning October 2016) with a $1,500 stipend.

For details–including expected qualifications, duties, and how to apply–please see our position announcement (PDF).

Research Assistantships

Half-time (19.5 hr/wk), paid assistantships are open to graduate students in any discipline.  We look to hire students who have a strong interest in learning about digital humanities methods and tools while helping to support innovative research at Duke.  Assistants in these positions have opportunities to:

  • work on digital humanities projects sponsored by the Mellon Foundation-funded Humanities Writ Large initiative;
  • gain knowledge and skills in using digital tools, methods, and platforms for teaching and research;
  • and work directly with faculty and students to develop new digital projects for humanities research.

To learn more about these assistantships, please see the call for applications or contact Will Shaw.

Digital Research Internships

One nine-month, half-time (19 hours per week) internship is open to a Duke graduate student to work in The Edge: The Ruppert Commons for Research + Technology + Collaboration. Digital Research Interns, working through the Digital Scholarship Services department, help design and develop innovative research, train others in digital tools and methods, and further The Edge mission to support data driven, digitally reliant, interdisciplinary, or team-based research. We are particularly keen to hire someone with training or experience in textual analysis, but encourage applications from anyone with demonstrated skills in using technology to manage, analyze, or publish qualitative research.

Now accepting applications for the 2015-2016 academic year until the position is filled. To view the full job description and apply,

  1. visit the Jobs page on the Duke University Libraries’ website,
  2. click the link for “Student employment opportunities” to open Brassring,
  3. click the link to “Search openings”, then
  4. search openings using the requisition number DUL16-EJM01.

For more information about this position, please contact Liz Milewicz (liz.milewicz@duke.edu).

Field Experiences

Digital Scholarship Services offers 1-2 semester curricular-credit earning positions for graduate students in Library and Information Science programs. These experiences, focused on either digital curation or digital scholarship, provide students with opportunities to engage current issues in these fields, to contribute to library and campus conversations, and to develop best practices and recommendations, training materials and guides, and skills in researching and communicating with diverse audiences. Examples of work conducted by previous field experience students include:

  • developing guidelines for managing research as part of humanities labs
  • creating recommendations for fair use of video games in scholarly articles
  • conducting interviews as part of an environmental scan of libraries-based digital scholarship training

For more information about field experience opportunities, please contact Liz Milewicz.  

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