Text visualization of presentations? Check.

If you missed today’s Text > DATA presentation by Greg Appelbaum & Elizabeth Beam, “Mapping the Disciplinary Structure of Cognitive Neuroscience through Semantic & Network Analysis,” you can check out the presentation slides and storified tweets of their talk. Slides and storifies are available for past presentations in this series (scroll to the presentation you’re interested in under Text > Data Schedule + Topics).

#twittergate discussions of protocol, property, and privacy aside, tweeting is a low-barrier way to increase access and audiences for new research. For the Text > Data series, it’s provided a record of text analysis methods, tools, research, and issues for those who’ve attended (or those who missed) to reference.

We’ll continue to provide tweets for the remaining presentations in this series (including next week’s text visualization presentation by Eric Monson). But no video. Not yet, at least. There’s been considerable interest in having video of these talks, which could provide more immediate access to the insights of the series’ presenters  — or at least something less mediated than twitter feeds. We’ll consider that for future digital scholarship series in the Libraries, and appreciate any feedback on other ways these presentations could be made more readily available and useful.

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