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Duke Libraries Digital Scholarship Services department collaborates with researchers in the humanities and interpretive social sciences, at any level of study, to plan and build digital research projects. We supply consultation on technical matters, project management, and best practices for a wide range of technologically-engaged research. We also encourage learning and experimentation in digital scholarship through exploratory projects, programs of hands-on instruction, graduate student internships, and resources and programming in The Edge / Murthy Digital Studio.


Meet with our team in the Murthy Digital Studio to consult on digital projects .


Discover new digital approaches through events, training opportunities, and tools.


Work with our team on innovative digital projects .

Our Team

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Liz Milewicz

Head, Digital Scholarship Services Department
Project planning and management, Qualitative research methods, Text analysis
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William Shaw

Digital Humanities Technology Consultant
Project planning and development; coding; text analysis; markup and digital publishing
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Divya Rajaram

Digital Research Intern
C++, HTML, CSS, SQL, Marketing and Analytics
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Liz Crisenbery

Humanities Writ Large Research Assistant
Digital archive research, data collection and collation, specialization in musical sources

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