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Why is Pornography Considered Evil?

By Anonymous

This is an issue I have with feminism.

Pornography doesn’t have to be abusive or objectifying. Trust me, there is p0rn for everyone. Sure you can argue that most of it is made for men because, big surprise, mostly men watch it. Or, mostly men admit to watching it. If you think your audience will be mostly male, why would you tailor the content to someone else? Historically, feminists have been good about making change and demands for things they really want: votes, equal employment chances, etc. But when it comes to pornography the feminists I meet and read about just seem to complain about its evils and how it sets up unrealistic expectations of women/objectifies women/or (insert disparaging remark) towards women and don’t really do anything about it. To this end I have a few remarks.

1. It’s film centered on physical attractiveness. I can’t remember when last I saw a television show or mainstream Hollywood movie that didn’t have unrealistic depictions of men and women. They both present fantasies: fantasies of sex, or fantasies of seeing someone else life. If you want to argue that the depictions of women are *more* unrealistic that those of men, then this is subjective. Either way I don’t internalize those notions and I don’t wish to look like the pornography actresses I see. We’re not talking about how the media is teaching little girls to have low self esteem. These videos are for adults and I pray to God that little girls aren’t watching them. Also, I’m not certain that pornography is making men disappointed in the physical reality of women. If you met such a guy, why would you stick around??

2. Yes, there is some awful porn. There is also a lot of pornography that is gorgeous and hot, and some that are made for women. It’s not really fair to generalize about the entire industry based on the examples that you dislike the most. More importantly, I think if women started being honest, stopped seeing recorded sex acts or masturbation as dirty, or actually made a demand for mainstream videos that end when the woman orgasms and not just the man, we may actually see more of it. Should you choose not to make such a demand, you can just watch the videos you do enjoy or choose to watch none.

Kinda rambling, but I hope you get my point… 🙂

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