This evening’s Girl Talk event, held at the Coffee House and sponsored by the Women’s Collective, brought together a great mix of female students to talk about what it’s like to be a woman at Duke.  After introducing ourselves, we launched right into activities and discussions that brought out our expectations and realities in the time we’ve spent here so far.  Among the topics we discussed:

-How can we make it easier for women to be elected to DSG positions despite the powerful fraternity network that some male candidates can rely on?

-When a man calls himself a feminist but his actions beg to differ, is he weakening the impact of actual feminism?  Are male feminists and female feminists treated differently by the general population?

-Do the terms “humanist” or “equalist,” preferred by some to the term “feminist,” only further stigmatize feminism?

-How does race intersect with gender on Duke’s campus, especially in Greek life?

-When have we felt especially supported by or connected to other women on campus, and how can we make that a more frequent occurrence?

-Duke students are very involved in service, but why aren’t we more activist?  How can we increase our activism using our campus resources?

-Why don’t people talk about this stuff more often?

If you’re interested in discussing these topics further, don’t let the conversation end with the event!  Comment or anonymously post on Develle Dish, and come to any of the events this Feminist Coming Out Week to talk, think, eat, and share secrets for publication online.  And don’t forget, the Women’s Collective is an open forum for Duke women to talk about their experiences every week, so if you couldn’t make it to this event, just join us any Tuesday at 7 pm in the Women’s Center.

Happy Feminist Coming Out Week!