DesignHub Program Pricing and Costs

DesignHub services are provided on a cost recovery basis to cover student labor, materials, and overhead. While we encourage you to always shop around, our pricing is often a fraction of third party design or printing services and our West Campus facility, with a range of in-house printing and fabrication equipment generally affords quicker turnaround than is possible with alternative services.

Cost-Recovery time includes all scheduled calls or meetings, project-specific research, initial design and fabrication and that associated with any requested revisions.

Pricing information for prints can be found here:

For all projects, DesignHub will waive all fees for student labor, up to twenty billable hours. 3D Printing costs will not be waived. In exchange for the labor, we require a brief PR piece we will be able to use to help showcase the initiative. This would involve a handful of pictures of the solution in use, as well as a brief explanation of the issue and “how the piece helps and why it matters.”