Our Team

Ross Winston, Project Manager

A Junior classman, Ross is a Senior Consultant in the Innovation Co-Lab and project manager of the DesignHub initiative. Ross has extensive experience in the fields of 3D printing and digital fabrication with particular interest in scalable design and short-run manufacturing.

Outside of the Co-Lab, Ross serves as Associate Chief Justice of the Duke Student Government Judiciary and Co-Chair of the Kunshan Student Ambassador Council, KSAC.


Richi Chen, Production Engineer

Richi is a second year Master’s student in the Mechanical Engineering and Material Science Department at Duke. He works with Dr. Brian Mann’s Duke laboratory, researching the stability of buoyant bodies. Outside of the dynamics lab, he works at the Co-Lab as an engineering consultant, assisting people at Duke with 3D printing and prototyping solutions.


Neel Kurupassery, Design Engineer

Neel is currently a senior in Biomedical Engineering and Mathematics at Duke University. He originally started learning design in order to provide parts for his engineering laboratory and quickly found a talent for it. As of present, he has completed dozens of specialized parts that fulfill their purpose. His strength is rapid production and specialized knowledge on the best way to turn an idea into a part. His background in the sciences allows him to have a deeper understanding of how the part will be used, allowing him to anticipate potential pitfalls and ultimately create a design that works.

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Anne Li, Technical Communicator

Anne is a senior studying Biomedical Engineering with a focus on medical device imaging and a minor in visual arts. She has design and 3D printing experience from Duke’s Ravin Advanced Imaging Labs. She oversees Duke’s Girl’s Engineering Challenge, a non-profit mentorship organization aiming to reduce gender stigma within STEM fields, specifically Girls In Engineering.  Outside of the Co-Lab, she is a photographer for the Sarah P. Duke Gardens and runs a personality lifestyle blog in her free time. Anne works to showcase success stories of the Co-Lab’s DesignHub, promoting 3D printing solutions to solve interdisciplinary demands within Duke’s research, teaching staff and student startup communities.


Andrea Rossman, Design Engineer

Andrea is a senior with a strong background in  biomedical research and a particular interest in implementing 3D printing for clinical and surgical uses.  She specializes in phantom fabrication and design for imaging research. Some of her recent projects include 3D printed breast phantoms for research in the Lo Radiology Lab, a polycystic kidney phantom for Dr. Urban’s Ultrasound Lab at Mayo Clinic and the POCkeT Colposcope app prototype for Dr. Ramanujam’s Tissue Optical Spectroscopy Lab.