Getting Started

Our processes for submission and design work are relatively straight forward. Working through the list below will help get your project moving.

Identify a Problem

The world is abound with problems.  Even small optimizations can lead to drastic improvements in performance.  If you are are reading this site, you have likely already identified an issue you would like to solve.

Figure Out How To Solve The Problem

This is often the most difficult part of the process.  Our staff and service are oriented around design and turning the specific vision you have into a tangible outcome.  While we are always happy to discuss projects in depth and share ideas, we are not a think tank.  Before coming to us you should have a specific solution in mind.  Often the prototyping process will be iterative and adjustments will need to be made but we will look to you as the subject matter expert that guides our work.  Frame your problem and solution in terms of working backwards from the desired outcome you would like to achieve.  Create a napkin sketch; we’ll take it from there.

Read About How Our Service Works

Take a few moments and read about our service.  We approach our work from a standard Project Management style coupled with practical teaching and learning situations for our students.  Understanding our workflows and expectations will help you determine if we are the best people to assist you.

Schedule A Consultation And Get Started

Reach out to our team by emailing or heading to our Bookings Calendar to get started. Depending on the scope of your project we may ask for a meeting to determine if we have the capability of working on it or if the work is within the scope of our mission.  If this is something we can assist with, we will contact you and set up a meeting.  You will be introduced to your student designers who will work with you through the course of your project.  They will assess your idea in relation to the realities of design and building.  You will serve as the subject matter expert for the project and work in tandem with our design engineers  At this point your work will begin and with any luck, together we will have solved a problem!